Economics Department

Special Assistant Programme (SAP) 

Special Assistance programme(SAP) of UGC is intended to raise the quality of teaching/research in different disciplines in humanities,social science and science subjects,engineering & technology department which are carefully selected on the basis of their work,academic achievement and viable potential for further development. The essence and primary aim of the scheme is combination of teaching and research to encourage group research efforts in pursuit of excellence. 

As per UGC letter no. F.5-11/2011(SAP-III) dated 26 August 2011 ,on the basis of the recommendation of the Expert Committee after a careful and critical in-depth examination of the academic achievements of the department given in the departmental profile and proposal submitted by the department and presentation made in front of the Expert committee, the department of Economics ,Manipur university was brought under Special Assistance programme(SAP) at the level of DRS-I for a duration of 5 years with effect from 1st April 2011, with the following thrust areas for research and teaching 

·         Comprehensive review of border trading between Manipur and Myanmar with special reference to infrastructure, trade, potentiality and border policies.

·         Enhancing trade potentials between Manipur and Myanmar with special reference to expanding market and enhancing industrial linkages.