1. Vice Chancellor , MU                                                    -- (Ex Officio) Chairman
  2. Prof. Dr. Memcha Loitongbam, (MIMS)                       -- Director
  3. Prof. I. Gambhir Singh,  English & Cultural Studies, School of Humanities, MU  -- Joint Director, IQAC
  4. Dr. Salam Shantikumar Singh, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Statistics, School of Mathematical & Physical Science, MU  --Asst. Director
  5. Dr. M. Chourjit Singh , Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education & Sports Sc.    -- Asst. Director
  6. Dr. S Sunil Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, School of Life Science, MU  --Asst. Director
  7. Dr. RK Suresh Singh, Assistant Professor & Head, Departent of Adult Continuing Education & Extension, School of Social Sciences, MU -- Asst. Director
  8. Prof. N. Rajmuhon Singh , Department of Chemistry, School of Mathematical & Physical Science, MU -- Member
  9. Prof. O. Ratnabala Devi, Department of Mathematics, MU -- Member
  10. Contoller of Examination, MU -- Member
  11. Deputy Registrar (Academic), MU -- Member
  12. Dr. R.K. Nimai Singh, IAS(Retd.) Palace Compound, Imphal -- Member
  13. Dr. Ch. Sheelaramani Devi, Principal, D.M. College of Arts DMU, Imphal, Manipur -- Member
  14. Highest Scorer in the First Semester Examination of P.G. Programme of the University --Student Member
  15. Thangjam Joykumar Singh, Managing Director, Thangjam Agro Industries Pvt. Limited --Member
  16. Registrar, MU --Member
  17. Any Other persons as may be invited by the Vice-Chancellor