Community College

The Community College model, by and large, will be accessible to a large number of individuals of the community, offer low cost and high quality education locally, that encompasses both vocational skills development as well as traditional coursework, thereby providing opportunities to the learners to move directly to the employment sector or move into the higher education sector. It offers a flexible and open education system which also caters to community-based life-long learning needs. It has a synergistic relationship between the community, community college and the job market.

Why Community College ?

Changes in the technological environment and the environment within and outside the organisation have changed dramatically the technology in use today. The use and importance of information technology increases as changes are taking place very fast. Every organisation, big or small, use information technology in one way or the other for smooth functioning. There is an increasing demand of information technology in the organization to compete and sustain in the existing environment. This increasing demand of information technology creates job opportunity. Organizations require manpower well equipped with the knowledge of information technology. Besides, people in the organisation need to change to adapt to the changes in the environment because of technological environment. In the organization, there exists a big gap between the need for information technologist and the technology in use.

The question is – “How can this gap be filled?” This can be done either by recruiting new employee or upgrading the existing employee. In both cases job oriented training has to be given. Every year thousands of students are graduating from the high schools and colleges. Not all of them go to universities to pursue further studies. Many are rendered to trying their luck at the job market for employment. These talented youths, when they are well equipped with the technical knowledge of information technology would have greater opportunity in the job market. For example, when using computer for office automation one has to have basic knowledge of desktop publishing. This basic knowledge of desktop publishing, besides their knowledge in the concern subject, would be one of the added advantages. Opening a course like PGDCA and DIT is a step towards providing such knowledge.

Opening of such course will be of immense benefits to the youths of Manipur and this would help in bringing about positive change in the socio-economic environment of the state. Community College, Manipur University, with the existing infrastructure, contemplates to cater to the needs of the society by opening up a programme. This community college will be designed to impart skill and knowledge in information technology besides the basic knowledge of management. This would enable the youths to get employment and also create employment for others.