Department of National Security Studies

About Department:

The Department of National Security Studies, Manipur University, was established in 2019. The main objective of this Department is to inculcate the ideas of security and strategic studies of India in particular and the international environment at large. In the age of globalisation, the department is committed to prepare the new generation of scholars, experts and leaders on security and international studies. Located in Manipur which is considered as a security and strategic hot spot of North East India, the department intends to promote academic research as well as policy analysis on issues related to traditional and non-traditional security. The department tends to expand the horizon of discipline through research and innovation, and has inculcated thought provoking teaching. We give major thrust on national security, strategic studies, international relations, border management, conflict management and science & technology.


Mission and Vision

As part of its mission, the department is committed to encourage new ways of thinking and expand the traditional and non-traditional contours of security analysis. It is engaged in exploring the most pressing issues of India's internal and external security dimensions and contributes via creative and innovative thinking to national security policymaking.


Academic Courses

The Department offers M.A. in National Security Studies.