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Fine Art

Master of Fine Arts Programme
The Proposed Programme shall be governed by the Department of Fine Arts, School of Humanities, Manipur University. This new curriculum of M.F.A. offers a revised syllabus with the inclusion of Choice Based Credit System which shall enhance the students to dive into the different specializations of Fine Arts, viz., Painting, Sculpture, Print-making and Applied Arts. The syllabus is formed in parallel with the practical as well as the theoretical approach.

The definition of “art” is simple yet complex and in the context of it many artists, philosophers, anthropologists and others, have discussed regarding the nature of art in general. To which, their views have given us insights into the creative process, but have not put out a universally accepted definition of art. In 1948, the German -born American Abstract Expressionist painter, Hans Hofmann defined a work of art as ‘a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist’s world’.Frenchartist, Henri Matisse asserted that an artist’s true purpose is creation, which begins with vision. And all of these statements describe a process rather than a finished product called “art”, speaking instead to the act of creating works of art. Thereupon, the Conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth declared in 1966 that ‘Art is the definition of art’. It is clear that even the basic meaning to the term “art” has changed several times over the centuries, and has also changed within the 20thcentury as well. The main recent sense of the word “art” is roughly as an abbreviation for “Fine Art”. Here we mean that skill is being used to express the artist’s creativityto engage the audience’s aesthetic sensibilities and alsoto draw the audience towards consideration of the “finer” things.

Within the umbrella of Fine Arts there are different streams viz. painting, sculpture, print-making, applied arts, photography, potteries and other relevant disciplines. The Department of Fine Arts, Manipur University offers admission courses to four specializations viz. Painting, Sculpture, Print-making and Applied Arts.