Anthropology Department

Year of Establishment: 1984


Department of Anthropology, Manipur University has been the important center for higher studies in the subject concerned in North East India. Anthropology as a subject is a holistic discipline that explains humankind in the totality of bio socio-cultural spheres. The department has been responsible for imparting the knowledge to the students regarding the anthropological queries. Simultaneously, the department has also provided many scholars a platform to undertake anthropological research on various topics.

The students are encouraged to research interdisciplinary topics to be applied to the wider scope. The department's faculties are engaged in extramural research projects independently or jointly, despite allotted teaching assignments, promoting the essence of research in higher studies. Students are given in hand training on fieldwork tradition, which is important for anthropological investigation. The department believes that the knowledge of fieldwork-based research would be helpful for students in his/her overall career and can apply in any discipline.