The Manipur University has decided to introduce the following two feedback forms from the Academic Session 2020-21.

1. MU Student Feedback on Teachers [pdf]

2. MU Student Feedback on Course [pdf]


Thse two feedback forms could be filled online by students at the end of each semester of the Academic year. The feedback received would be analysed and used to improve the quality of education as well as improving facilities for the teaching. It is expected that the feedback would go a long way in improving the delivery of education. The Registrar would be custodian of the feedback received, and he would share with concerned HODs, Deans and Director IQAC.


Only those students who would get admit cards and have 75% or more attendance would be eligible to fill the feedback forms. The Feedback Forms would be uploaded one week before each semester examinations and would be available on MU website for 45 days. Students are encouraged to give their opinions and fill these feedback forms.



(Prof.W. Chandbabu Singh)