*** Manipur University Admission for Academic Session 2024-25 ***           |           *** MANIPUR UNIVERSITY ALUMNI[LINK] ***           |           *** ALUMNI REGISTRATION FROM [LINK].  (New) ***           |           *** Dr. Naorem Santa Singh, Project Scientist, Dept. of Life Science(Zoology), MU, has been awarded the ZSK-INDIA RESEARCH EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION by ZSK, India on 16/10/2023  (New) ***           |           *** To Activate MHRD Wi-Fi service, Generate consent Form and Submit at Computer Centre. Click here to generate.  (New) ***           |           *** ADMISSION MUET 23-24   ***           |           *** ADMISSION CUET(UG/PG) 2023-24  (New) ***           |           *** PRE-PHD ADMISSION 2023 ***           |           *** ACADEMIC BANK OF CREDITS: ABC  (New) ***           |           ***  Prof. Yengkhom Raghumani Singh, Dept. of Earth Sc., has been selected as Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Geology & Environmental Scinece, University of Pittsburgh.  (New) ***           |           ***  15th CONVOCATION 2023: Register Now for 2013-2020 passout students;  (New) ***           |           ***  DOWNLOAD UG(BA/BSc/BCom) Online Provisional Marksheet.  (New) ***           |           *** Issue of 1st semester hostel fee payment is resolved and those students who already paid the fee shall download the fee receipt  (New) ***           |           *** Wi-Fi Registration Form Fill Up  (New) ***           |           *** Samarth EXAM FORM FILL UP for MU  (New) ***           |           *** Verification of financial transactions will be opened from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on every working day. (New) ***           |           *** Online Provisional Marksheet (BA/BSc)  ***           |           ***  Tender for Supply of Equipments & Consumable items; (New) ***           |           *** COVID-19: Mental Health Counselling [TIMING: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM] (New) ***           |           *** Faculties, Employees and Campus Dwellers of Manipur University may contact the Covid-19 Helpline Numbers @ +91-8119951558 / +91-841402472 (New) ***           |           *** COVID-19 related Notifications.  ***           |           *** Affiliating College Notifications; (New) ***           |           *** CYBER SECURITY TIPS  (New) ***           |              

Name Designation Contact email EPBX-Ext
Prof. N. Lokendra Singh Vice-Chancellor +91-385-2435765   3000
K. Nando Singh P.A. to Vice-Chancellor +91-385-2435143   3001
  Office of Vice Chancellor Fax +91-385-2435145 vcoffice [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Prof Gopal Kumar Niroula Chhetry Dean, School of Agricultural Science   dean.agriculture [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in



Dr Premlata Maisnam Dean, School of Education   dean.education [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  
Prof N Basanta Singh Dean, School of Engineering   dean.engineering [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  
Prof Soibam Imoba Singh Dean, School of Humanities +91-385-2435849 dean.humanities [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3095
Prof Dr S Jibonkumar Singh Dean, School of Human & Environmental Science +91-385-2435174 dean.hesc [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3060
Prof Gopal Kumar Niroula Chhetry Dean, School of Life Sciences +91-385-2435806 dean.lifesc [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3109
Dr. H. Priyoshakhi Devi Dean, School of Medical Sciences +91-385-2435832 dean.medical [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  
Prof Sumitra Phanjoubam Dean, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences +91-385-2435968 dean.mpsc [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3059
Prof.(Dr) Thoidingjam Purnima Devi Dean, School of Social Sciences +91-385-2435844 dean.ssc [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3082
Prof M Premjit Singh Dean, Student Welfare +91-385-2435141 dean.students [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3061

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Prof. W.Chandbabu Singh Registrar +91-385-2435125 registrar [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac  [dot] in 3003
    Fax +91-385-2435831    
M. Tomba PA to Registrar +91-385-2435125   3004
David K Zote Joint Registrar / Purchase Officer +91-385-2435832

 joint_registrar [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in

purchase.officer [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in

Dr R K Joteen Singh Deputy Registrar  

dr.admin [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in


Wangjam Devendra Singh Public Relation Officer i/c +91-385-2435843 pro [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3013
Ms.Hoineilam Kipgen Assistant Registrar, Senior Scale (Faculty)   ar.faculty [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3102
K. Nando Singh Assistant Registrar (Admn) +91-385-2411848

ar_admin [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in

so.admin [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in

H Tongin Maring  AR (engaged) +91-385-2435630   3101
S Buddhapati Devi Assistant Registrar (Faculty) i/c (engaged)   ar.faculty [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3024
Anisul Alam Assistant Registrar, Senior Scale, Faculty   ar.faculty [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3024
M Seityam Devi Assistant Registrar (Academic)   seityam [dot] moirangthem [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in, ar [dot] academic [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3024
Punsiba Toijam Assistant Registrar   punsiba [dot] toijam [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3024

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Prof Elangbam Nixon Singh Finance Officer +91-385-2435847
fo [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3035
Ksh Basanta Singh Assistant Finance Officer +91-385-2435847 afo [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  
Warningam Chara Moyon Assistant Registrar/Finance   arf1 [AT] manipuruniv.ac.in  
Soram Jibankumar Assistant Registrar/Finance +91-385-2435938 soram.jibankumar [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  
Maibam Sharat Singh Assistant Registrar/Finance   sharat [dot] maibam[AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Prof N Mohilal Meitei Director +91-385-2435152 dir.cdc [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3064

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
T Shantikumar Singh Controller of Examinations i/c +91-385-2435057
coe [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3008
T Shantikumar Singh Deputy Registrar   dcoe [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3009
      acoe.d [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3038
L Sanajaoba Singh Assistant Registrar


 acoe.b [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3010
O. Mukta Singh Assistant Registrar


Suchitra Wangkhem Assistant Registrar


suchitra [dot] wangkhem [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3010

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Tejmani Sinam OSD   hod.cc [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  
Wangjam Devendra Singh Systems Manager +91-385-2435843 sysmanager [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3027

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Prof. Ch Ibohal Singh Librarian i/c +91-385-2435046
librarian [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3053
Dr. Memori Sagolsem Deputy Librarian   memori.dl [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  
Shri M Lokendro Singh Assistant Librarian   al [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in 3055

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Mr. N. Thoiba Singh University Engineer +91-385-2435142

uengineer [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in

nthoiba [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in

Mr. Laimayum Megachandra Sharma Executive Engineer i/c (Civil) +91-385-2435874  
Kh Charan Singh Executive Engineer i/c (Civil) +91-9383276931 khwaicharan [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  
S Shantibala Devi Assistant Engineer (Elect) +91-9856218696 shantibaladevi182 [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in  
Mr. Toni Yumnam Assistant Engineer (Civil)      

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Dr Lamabam Pinky Devi Medical Officer +91-385-2435767
medical.officer [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3084

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Prof. R. K. Bhubon Singh Director +91-385-2435136 director.hrdc [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3066

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Ch Pradeep Singh ADS +91-385-2435124  ads [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3058

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Ratna Mutum Asst. Curator +91 385 2410964  curator [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in 3086

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
Binita Akoijam Hindi Officer +91 385 2456262 hindi.officer [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in

Name Designation Fax(F)/Phone email EPBX-Ext
M. U. EPBX Exchange   +91 385 2435276
+91 385 2435833
M. U. Guest House   +91 385 2435055    
Warden, Men's Hostel   +91 385 2435313    
Warden, Ladies Hostel   +91 385 2435053    
EMMRC   +91 385 2435018   3097
Branch Manager,
SBI MU Branch
  +91 385 2435290    
Dr M. Nodiyachand Singh
Program Co-Ordinator,
NSS Cell, M U