Department of Botany

Year  of  establishment:    The  Department  is  originated  as  Applied  Biology  Division  of  the  Post-Graduate  Centre  of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, inthe  year 1976. It was converted into full-fledged DEPARTMENT OF LIFESCIENCES under Manipur University, in 1980. The Department  was  now  upgraded  since  1stSeptember,  2010(  initially  for  5  yrs.  up  to 31/3/2015),  into  a  CENTER  OF  ADVANCE  STUDY  IN  LIFE  SCIENCES  (CAS),  now  in  the  2nd phase w.e.f. May, 2015.

In pursuance to discussions and decisions of the Academic Council meetings held on 5th Jannuary 2019 and 3rd August 2019, the Department of Life Sciences is bifurcated into the following two Departments:

i.Department of Zoology

ii. Department of Botany

vide order No.MU/2-6/2019/506 dated 6th August 2019.