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Tender Year

Tender No: No. MU/FIN/Equip/19(Pt)

Dated 18th January 2021

No. MU/FIN/Equip/19(Pt): It is informed to all converned that with reference to the tender no. MU/EMMRC/TENDER/2020 dated 24th December 2020, the specifications as listed in Annexure I of the tender document stands amended as enclosed and also the last date submission of tender documents is extended till 3/02/2021 with the tender opening schuldued on the same date at 3:00 PM in the office chamber of Registrar, Manipur University.


(David K Zote)      
Purchase Officer, MU

1. NOTICE: Change in the Specification and Last date of submission for tender documents is extended till 3/02/2021 [pdf]
2. ANNEXURE-I: Specification for Instruments for EMMRC [NEW] [pdf]
3. TENDER FOR SUPPLY OF EQUIPMENT for EMMRC, TENDER REFERENCE: No. MU/EMMRC/Tender/2020 dated 24th December 2020[OLD] [pdf]