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Prof. W. Chandbabu Singh

Registrar, Manipur University
Email : registrar [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac  [dot] in
Phone No. : +91-385-2435125

Prof. Ng. Nimai Singh

Controller of Examinations i/c
Email : coe [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No. +91-385-2435057, +91-385-2449570

Prof. A. Rajmani Singha

Finance Officer i/c
Email : fo [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No. +91-385-2435847, +91-385-2242129

Dr. Nihar Kanta Patra

Librarian, Manipur University Library

Email : librarian [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No.: +91-385-2435046, +91-385-2435098, +91-385-222628

Prof Homendra Naorem

Director, Human Resource Development Centre
Email : director.hrdc [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in
Phone No.: +91-385-2435136

Prof. Memcha Loitongbam

Director, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
Email : dir.iqac [AT] manipuruniv[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone No. : +91-385-2435925

Prof Laitonjam Warjeet Singh

Director, Research & Development Cell
Email :  dir.rd [AT] manipuruniv[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr S Jibonkumar Singh

Director, College Development Council
Email : dir.cdc [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No.: +91-385-2435152

David K Zote

Joint Registrar, Manipur University
Email : joint_registrar [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No.: +91-385-2435832

Dr R K Joteen Singh

Deputy Registrar, Administration
Email : dr.admin [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No.: +91-385-2435155

T Shantikumar Singh

Deputy Registrar, Examination
Email : dcoe [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in

Er. N. Thoiba Singh

University Engineer
Email : uengineer [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in, nthoiba [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No.: +91-385-2435142

Wangjam Devendra Singh

Systems Manager, Computer Centre

Email : sysmanager [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No.: +91-385-2435843

Dr Lamabam Pinky Devi

Medical Officer i/c, Health Centre
Email : medical.officer [AT] manipuruniv [dot] ac [dot] in
Phone No.: +91-385-2435767, +91-385-2454820