Commerce Department

About Department:

The Department of Commerce, Manipur University, was established on 2nd July 1984. The main objective of this Department is to inculcate the role of Commerce education in India as well as in the globe. This being an age of advancement, the subject is focused in the post graduate and research level and other allied courses. Incidentally, in job crisis all over the country and state, the entire course study is focused on “Job providers and not Job seeker”. Over and above, the purpose of the subject is to train and develop the younger generation in the present corporate world.

Mission and Vision


The Department is to act as catalyst, facilitator and motivator for the students, institutions, organizations and industries through functional efforts and to achieve greater success and make an enhanced contribution to the society by providing opportunities for sharpening skills, education and innovative guidance. The Department provides continuous and active interaction that reflects to the environment changes and treated academically as core competence, benchmarking, restructuring and development.


To create a new business environment with practical application, co-operation, co-existence, growth and development, which are sustainable through transformation of human resources.


  • To promote excellence in the field of higher education.
  • To achieve academic depth of the subject.
  • To identify the needs of the society.
  • To attain high standard for shaping the students of Commerce on the international platform.
  • To imbibe fair knowledge on the current trend such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Development, Marketing, Information Technology, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Banking and Insurance etc.