The Manipur University, which was established since June 5, 1980, has been playing a pivotal role in promoting higher education in the North Eastern corner of India. This University may be called the Gateway of India to the South East Asia. It has, so far, produced more than 15,000 Post Graduate degree holders, 700 PhD degree holders and many diploma and certificate holders in Science, Social Science, Humanities and Medical Sciences.

These Ex-students of the University who are in different walks of life and in various professions are contributing their mites in bringing out socio-economic upliftment of the nation in general and the state of Manipur in particular. Considering the significance of joining hands together of the alumni, a body named the "MANIPUR UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION" was established on the 11th November 2004.


The aims and objectives behind the formation of this Association are:

  •  to compile, maintain and up-date from time to time a directory of all the members of the Association.
  •  to create and develop a healthy cooperation, exchange of idea and views amongst the member alumni.
  • to stimulate amongst the members of the association dedicated thoughts and efforts towards the development of the University.
  • to provide cooperation and coordination from time to time on the vital issues of the University.
  •  to institute prizes and awards for outstanding performance in the field of competition, project work, research papers and other professional activity by research scholars of the University and
  • to institute and establish, grants, awards and prizes to encourage curricular and extra co-curricular activities amongst the students community of the University in particular and students community of the state in general.

To enable to achieve the above objectives, the association will undertake the following activities:

  • Organizing conference, seminar, workshop, symposia, debates and essay/ quiz competition etc. on vital issues so as to enrich the academic knowledge of the member alumni in particular and students community of the state in general.
  • Publishing books, journals, periodicals, Newsletter and other relevant documents and literature from time to time.
  • Arranging lectures or academic panel discussions on topics connected with state issues and other vital issues.
  • Undertaking any other activity or activities for the fulfillment of the objectives of the association.