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Physics Department


1ST SEMESTER 2020-21 MSc Physics

Sl. No. NAME CARE OF ADDRESS GENDER CATEGORY Cource/Deptt. STD. NO. Enrolment Number
1 Salam Sada Chanu Salam Ibohal Singh Singjamei Wangma Kshetri Leikai Female OBC Physics 27214 PHY/2692/20/MSc
2 Longjam Bharat Singh Longjam Hemanta Singh Wangkhei Ningthem Pukhri Mapal Male OBC Physics 27215 PHY/2693/20/MSc
3 Joseph Lalsiemlien Lalbiekvel Lighthouse Lane, churachandpur Male ST Physics 27217 PHY/2694/20/MSc
4 Bandana Chongtham Ch Norendro Singh Sagoltongba Mayai Leikai Female UR Physics 27218 PHY/2695/20/MSc
5 Konthoujam Jack Singh Konthoujam Lokeshwor Singh Konthoujam Mayai Leikai Male UR Physics 27219 PHY/2696/20/MSc
6 Thongam Anjali Chanu Thongam Raghu Meitei Top Siphai Female OBC Physics 27221 PHY/2697/20/MSc
7 Yumnam Prakash Singh Y Sharat Singh Thongju Part-2 Makha Leikai Male UR Physics 27222 PHY/2698/20/MSc
8 Thiyam Rabichandra Singh Th Meghachandra Singh Charangpat Mayai Leikai Thoubal Male OBC Physics 27223 PHY/2699/20/MSc
9 Keithellakpam Prem Singh Keithellakpam Romen Singh Saiton Heiyaikon, Bishnupur Male OBC Physics 27225 PHY/2700/20/MSc
10 Karam Birbal Singh L K Kumar Singh Thongjao Makha Leikai, Thoubal Male UR Physics 27226 PHY/2701/20/MSc
11 Hijam Abhisek Singh H Shamu Singh Thoubal Mayai Leikai, Thoubal Dist Male OBC Physics 27227 PHY/2702/20/MSc
12 Laishram Saroda Devi L Chaoba Singh Toupokpi Mamang Leikai Female OBC Physics 27228 PHY/2703/20/MSc
13 Gautamdas Sarangthem Sarangthem Iboyaima Singh Yairipok Khoiram Makha Leikai Male UR Physics 27229 PHY/2704/20/MSc
14 Keithellakpam Tina Keithellakpam Tiken Singh Wahengbam Leiaki Imphal Female UR Physics 27230 PHY/2705/20/MSc
15 Keisham Vasker Singh K Gunamani Singh Yairipok Bamon Leikai Male UR Physics 27231 PHY/2706/20/MSc
16 Khumukcham James Singh Khumukcham Ibomcha Singh Brahmapur mangjil Maning Singjamei Male OBC Physics 27232 PHY/2707/20/MSc
17 Wangkheimayum Koiremba Singh W Dinamani Singh Elangkhanpokpi Makha Leikai Male OBC Physics 27233 PHY/2708/20/MSc
18 Huidrom sushanta Singh Huidrom Tomba Singh Pakhangkhong Leirak, Thoubal Male OBC Physics 27234 PHY/2709/20/MSc
19 Thokchom Nandini Devi Thokchom Premkumar Singh Laipham Khunou Mamang Leikai Female OBC Physics 27235 PHY/2710/20/MSc
20 Khwairakpam Balandosana Singh Kh Shyamchandra Singh Ngaikhong Khullen, Bishnupur Male OBC Physics 27236 PHY/2711/20/MSc
21 Ngashepam Dinachandra Singh Ng Tiken Singh Sagolband Moirang Hanuba Leirak Male OBC Physics 27237 PHY/2712/20/MSc
22 Phijam Shitaljit Singh Phijam Ingba Singh Sekta Makha Leikai Male OBC Physics 27238 PHY/2713/20/MSc
23 A Sanathoi Meetei A Prem Meetei Babupara Ward No. IV Male OBC Physics 27239 PHY/2714/20/MSc
24 Ngangbam Lamnganba Khuman Nganbam Brajakumar Matai mamang Leikai, Mantripukhri Male OBC Physics 27240 PHY/2715/20/MSc
25 Sanjoy Yumkhaibam Meitei Y. Shyam Meitei Nongpok Sekmai Male UR Physics 27241 PHY/2716/20/MSc
26 Thangjam Jamesbond Singh Thangjam Chittaranjan Singh Taothong Apheiba Lamsang Male OBC Physics 27242 PHY/2717/20/MSc
27 Naoshekpam Tinamuni Devi Naoshekpam Jilla Singh Bamon Kampu Makha Leikai Female OBc Physics 27243 PHY/2718/20/MSc
28 Tennyson Singh Sanasam Sanasam Gyaneshwor Singh Kongba Nongthombam Leikai Male OBC Physics 27244 PHY/2719/20/MSc
29 RK Nelson Singh RK Dayananda Singh Purana Rajbari 2 Wangkhei Male OBC Physics 27245 PHY/2720/20/MSc
30 Oinam Roshan Singh Oinam Nimai Singh Oinam Ward No. 7 P.O Nambol Male OBC Physics 27246 PHY/2721/20/MSc
31 Kongbrailatpam Sachinkumar Sharma K Santomba Sharma Thoubakl Awang Leikai Male OBC Physics 27247 PHY/2722/20/MSc
32 Moirangthem Dipashree Chanu Moirangthem Dolen Meitei Takhel Awang Leikai Female OBC Physics 27248 PHY/2723/20/MSc
33 Khumukcham Raman Singh Kh Yaima Singh Phoijing Makha leikai Male OBC Physics 27249 PHY/2724/20/MSc
34 Paokhothang Kipgen Thangkholun Kipgen Thongkholui village BPO Koite Male ST Physics 27250 PHY/2725/20/MSc
35 S Seitinmang Haokip Henjathang Canaan Veng, North AOC Male ST Physics 27251 PHY/2726/20/MSc
36 Gaichamthuiliu Kamei Taylor Kamei Longmai Noney Bazaar Female ST Physics 27252 PHY/2727/20/MSc
37 Joyras Panmei Tomba Panmei KR Lane Male ST Physics 27253 PHY/2728/20/MSc
38 Kimkim Kipgen Mangboi Kipgen Saparmeina Village Female ST Physics 27254 PHY/2729/20/MSc
39 D. Athia Daihrii Makhan Centre Female ST Physics 27255 PHY/2730/20/MSc
40 B. Athikho A Besii Song Song Village Mao Gate Male ST Physics 27256 PHY/2731/20/MSc
41 kathiprii Charakho Obed Chowainu Village Senapati Dist Male ST Physics 27257 PHY/2732/20/MSc
42 Ngamkhohao Haokip Thangkholun Haokip L. Chajang Village Male ST Physics 27258 PHY/2733/20/MSc
43 Th Thangsingson Th Chinzakam Beulahlane Central Lamka Male ST Physics 27259 PHY/2734/20/MSc
44 Gracy Gangmei Azin Gangmei Guigailong Lamphel Female ST Physics 27260 PHY/2735/20/MSc
45 KJ Bisoila Joy Pundumlong Karong Senapati Dist Female ST Physics 27261 PHY/2736/20/MSc
46 Ngayam Lois Vakhong Ningtam Vakhong Khamasom Ukhrul Dist Female ST Physics 27262 PHY/2737/20/MSc
47 Vobo Komuni Vobo Tobufii Female ST Physics 27263 PHY/2738/20/MSc
48 Leylien Khongsai L Alun Khongsai Saichang Village Male ST Physics 27264 PHY/2739/20/MSc
49 Chaithu Stella Aimol Chaithu Sumsochung Aimol Aimol Kumbirei Pallel Female ST Physics 27265 PHY/2740/20/MSc
50 Daihrii Athini Daihrii Phikomei Village Mao Gate Female ST Physics 27266 PHY/2741/20/MSc
51 Oinam Ajit Singh Oinam Jugol Singh Ningthoukhong Ward No 13 Male SC Physics 27267 PHY/2742/20/MSc
52 Rajkumar Donesh Singh Rajkumar Imo Singh Khurai Nandeibam Leikai Male OBC Physics 27268 PHY/2743/20/MSc
53 Thongram Daina Devi Thongram Roben Singh Tekcham Mamang Leikai Female OBC Physics 27880 PHY/2744/20/MSc
54 Leimapokpam Gandhi Meitei Leimapokpam James Meitei Singjamei Chingamakha Liwa Road Male OBC Physics 27881 PHY/2745/20/MSc
55 Leishangthem Sanamacha Singh L Shantikumar Singh Nongren Maning Leikai Male OBC Physics 27882 PHY/2746/20/MSc

3RD SEMESTER 2020-21 MSc Physics

Sl. Name & Address of the student S/O, D/O Sex Cate gory Student Number Enrolment Number
1 Naorem Debika Devi. Moibung Khunou, Ukhrul N Tomal Singh F OBC   MSc/1098/19/PHY
2 Amom Umakanta Singh. Iramsiphai Awang Leikai Amom Ibohalbi Singh M OBC   MSc/1099/19/PHY
3 Sumit Raj Laishram. Wangjing Khabakhong Leikai Laishram Ibopishak M OBC   MSc/1100/19/PHY
4 Wahengbam Loyanganba. Kumbi Kangjeibung Mapal W. Chandrakumar  Singh M OBC   MSc/1101/19/PHY
5 Mayanglambam Menita Devi. Iroisemba Maning Leikai, Imphal West Mayanglambam Somorendro F OBC   MSc/1102/19/PHY
6 Yumnam Santosh Singh. Kongpal Kongkham Leikai (L) Y Sanjoy M OBC   MSc/1103/19/PHY
7 Saikhom Pravash Singh. Khangabok Part-III Makha Leikai Saikhom Abhiram Singh M OBC   MSc/1104/19/PHY
8 Mairembam Kelvin Singh. Mairembam Leikai, Sendra Road, Moirang M. Sanjeeb Singh M SC   MSc/1105/19/PHY
9 Prashanta Waikhom. Khundrakpam Awang Leikai Waikhom Lakshmi Singh. M OBC   MSc/1106/19/PHY
10 Thoudam Nandirani Chanu. Mongshangei Thoudam Ibomcha Meitei F OBC   MSc/1107/19/PHY
11 Anju Potshangbam. Chingamakha Maisnam Leikai P Ibohal Singh F OBC   MSc/1108/19/PHY
12 T Thangchunglien Haokip. M Songgel, Tuibong, CCPUR T Ngamkhojang Haokip M ST   MSc/1109/19/PHY
13 Laishram Premchand Singh. Khangabok Khullakpam Leikai L Shyam Singh M OBC   MSc/1110/19/PHY
14 Saikhom Gourakeshwor Singh Khangabok Part-3 Cherapur Leikai S Achouba Singh M OBC   MSc/1111/19/PHY
15 Lamthaka Willingson. Liwa Maring Village, Chandel District Lamthaka Mopham M ST   MSc/1112/19/PHY
16 Babina Leishangthem. Singjamei Leishangthem Leikai L Ibotomba Singh F OBC   MSc/1113/19/PHY
17 Md Sadam. Keirao Makting Mayai Md Sikander M OBC   MSc/1114/19/PHY
18 Sanatombi  Oinam. Keirenphaibi Mamang Leikai, Bishnupur Oinam Nilachandra Singh F SC   MSc/1115/19/PHY
19 Okram Amika Devi. Thoubal Haokha Mamang Leikai Okram (L) Ibunga Singh F OBC   MSc/1116/19/PHY
20 Hijam Sonia. Khabi Mamang Leikai, Nambol Hijam Arunkumar F OBC   MSc/1117/19/PHY
21 Naorem Hiyangambi Devi. Tentha Tuwaband Naorem Dhamen Singh F OBC   MSc/1118/19/PHY
22 Ningthoujam Bidyapati Devi. Samaram Mayai Lekai, Thoubal N. Angoutombi Singh F OBC   MSc/1119/19/PHY
23 Pangambam Chanchan Devi. Mayang Imphal Thana Maning Leikai Pangambam Brojen Singh F OBC   MSc/1120/19/PHY
24 Hijam Premchandra Singh. Kongpal Khaidem Leikai, Porompat Hijam Nandakishor Singh M OBC   MSc/1121/19/PHY
25 Keisham Chinglembi Devi Yairipok Bishnupur Keisham Nodiachand Singh F UR   MSc/1122/19/PHY
26 Huiningshumbam Boboy Singh. Uchiwa Awang leikai H. Leishang Singh M OBC   MSc/1123/19/PHY
27 Longjam Loyanganbi Devi. Toubul Bazar Bishnupur Longjam Binoy Singh F OBC   MSc/1124/19/PHY
28 Ngashepam Boy Singh. Ngakchroupokpi Maning Leikai Ngashepam Ningthemjao M OBC   MSc/1125/19/PHY
29 Gopeshwor Yengkokpam. Khekman Makha Leikai, Thoubal Yengkokpam Jilla Singh M OBC   MSc/1126/19/PHY
30 Khoisnam Diviya Chanu. Thoubal Bazar Achouba, Thoubal  Kh. Romen Meitei F OBC   MSc/1127/19/PHY
31 Kennedy Khundrakpam. Khangabok Part-2 Mayai Leikai Kh Shyam Singh M OBC   MSc/1128/19/PHY
32 Laishram Kishorchandra Singh.
Nongpok Sekmai Awang Leikai
L. Irabanta Singh M OBC   MSc/1129/19/PHY
33 Sapam Somorjit Singh. Chingtham Mamang leikai, Khongjom Sapam Nimai Singh M OBC   MSc/1130/19/PHY
34 PR Jepheta Kaosouli.
Thingba Khunou Village
PR Revelation M ST   MSc/1131/19/PHY
35 Loli Choro. Chowainu Village, Senapati District Adaso Loli M ST   MSc/1132/19/PHY
36 Duangailung John Panmei. Longjang Thangal Village, Noney Dist. Dijoklung Romeo M ST   MSc/1133/19/PHY
37 Kapangkhui Ramrak. Khamasom Village, Ukhrul District Somi Ramrak M ST   MSc/1134/19/PHY
38 Shindai Maite Koren.
Sadu Koireng Village, Sadar Hills
Ngirthang Maite F ST   MSc/1135/19/PHY
39 Thorsophi Shinglai. Kasom Khullen Ukhrul District Mashungai Shinglai F ST   MSc/1136/19/PHY
40 Precila Kashung. Phungyar Village, Kamjong District Shangam Kashung F ST   MSc/1137/19/PHY
41 Letminthang Touthang. Lamsat Village Chandel Dist T Hemkholun Touthang M ST   MSc/1139/19/PHY
42 RS Kaphungwon. Phalee Village, Ukhrul Dist RS Ningwon F ST   MSc/1140/19/PHY
43 L. Heipoivile Lily. Bendramai Village , Karong Lungheichung F ST   MSc/1142/19/PHY
44 Samuel Haokip. Tuibong Churachandpur Peter Jamthang M ST   MSc/1143/19/PHY
45 Ngausanliu Newmai. Phellong Village, Tamenglong District Huduanbou F ST   MSc/1144/19/PHY
46 Moirangthangthem Bobison Singh. Ningthoukhong Kha Leikai W/No. 6 Moirangthem Tomba Singh M SC   MSc/1145/19/PHY
47 Gopen Maibam. Kongpal Chingangbam Leikai Maobam Sharat M OBC   MSc/1146/19/PHY