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Mass Communication Department




Sl. No. NAME CARE OF ADDRESS GENDER CATEGORY Cource/Deptt. STD. NO. Enrolment Number
1 Rambha Devi Meirenbam Mairenbam Surjit Singh Moirang Panshang Leikai F SC Mass Communication 28745 MMC/1838/20/MA
2 Ronald Naorem Naorem Sarat Singh Sagolband Thingom Leikai M UR Mass Communication 28746 MMC/1839/20/MA
3 Chinglen Khundrakpam KH. Jugol Meitei Khangabok Awang Leikai M OBC Mass Communication 28748 MMC/1840/20/MA
4 Vikash Khoirom Khoirom Yaishkul Singh Kyamgei Khoirom Leikai M OBC Mass Communication 28749 MMC/1841/20/MA
5 Roshan Mutum Mutum Somorendro Singh Singjamei Chinga Makha M OBC Mass Communication 28750 MMC/1842/20/MA
6 LaishramGaya Devi Laishram Khamba Singh Khangabok Makha Leikai F OBC Mass Communication 28751 MMC/1843/20/MA
7 Longjam Bhushankamal Singh Longjam Yaima Singh Nongpok Sekmai Yairipok M OBC Mass Communication 28753 MMC/1844/20/MA
8 Haripriya Nongthombam N. Bishwajit Singh Thangmeiband Meisnam Leikai F OBC Mass Communication 28754 MMC/1845/20/MA
9 Goutam Raj Thoudam Jiban Kumar Thoudam Khurai Thoudam Leikai M OBC Mass Communication 28755 MMC/1846/20/MA
10 Nikita Pukhram P. Inaocha Singh Moirang Kiyam Leikai F SC Mass Communication 28756 MMC/1847/20/MA
11 Lucy Chabungbam Ch. Mani Singh Khurai Thongam Leikai F UR Mass Communication 28758 MMC/1848/20/MA
12 Sanasam Kritivas Singh S. Surendra Singh Uchekon Takhok Mapal M OBC Mass Communication 28759 MMC/1849/20/MA
13 AL Mastani Asif Alam AM jahur Porompat Muslim road M OBC Mass Communication 28760 MMC/1850/20/MA
14 Mayengbam Sunil Singh M. Subol Singh Wabagai Mayai leikai M OBC Mass Communication 28761 MMC/1851/20/MA
15 Hajarimayum Babina Devi H. Bobby anand Sharma Khwai Brahmapur Nagamapal F OBC Mass Communication 28763 MMC/1852/20/MA
16 Thounaojam Sanahal Singh Th. Bimolchand Singh Atlou Awang leikai M OBC Mass Communication 28764 MMC/1853/20/MA
17 Longjam Gunachansdra Singh Longjam Achou Singh Top siphai Makha Leikai M OBC Mass Communication 28765 MMC/1854/20/MA
18 Nongthombam Elizabeth N. Meghachandra Singh Khurai Thangjam Leikai F OBC Mass Communication 28766 MMC/1855/20/MA
19 Ronald Kenedy Longjam Ibochouba Longjam Yairipok Kekru Makha Leikai M OBC Mass Communication 28767 MMC/1856/20/MA
20 Nongthombam Benson Singh N. Meghachandra Singh Khurai Thangjam Leikai M OBC Mass Communication 28768 MMC/1857/20/MA
21 Khoirom Yaiphaba Meitei Kh. Jiten Meitei Yairipok Khoirom Makha Leikai M OBC Mass Communication 28771 MMC/1858/20/MA
22 Soyonao Lungleng Lunglen Angam Mapao Keithelmanbi Village F ST Mass Communication 28772 MMC/1859/20/MA
23 Paumuanding Tonsing J K HAU TONSING S A ROAD, ZENHANG LAMKA, M ST Mass Communication 28773 MMC/1860/20/MA
24 Rammung kashung Marlane Kashung Phungyar Village M ST Mass Communication 28774 MMC/1861/20/MA
25 Leishipem Valui Pamreiyo Valui Teinem Ukhrul F ST Mass Communication 28775 MMC/1862/20/MA
26 Worchuishang Kasar Ashang Kasar Macheng Nagaching Lamlongei M ST Mass Communication 28777 MMC/1863/20/MA
27 Liberty Lalsanhim Songate Lalropieng Olive Cottage, New Chekon F ST Mass Communication 28778 MMC/1864/20/MA
28 ST. Toshila Anal ST. Monishing Anal Japhou Bazar F ST Mass Communication 28779 MMC/1865/20/MA
29 Serto Sophia Kom Serto Amar Kom Sinamkom F ST Mass Communication 28780 MMC/1866/20/MA
30 Leisel Niru Koireng Leisel Deben Koireng Longa Koireng, Langjing F ST Mass Communication 28781 MMC/1867/20/MA
31 Lankhamlui Gangmei Pouramgai Gangmei Tabanglong Village F ST Mass Communication 28783 MMC/1868/20/MA
32 Portia Mayanglambam M. Nungleiba Kakching Wairi F SC Mass Communication 28784 MMC/1869/20/MA
33 Thounaojam Ranjan Kumar Th. Kunjamani Singh Lamdeng M UR Mass Communication 29745 MMC/1870/20/MA
34 Soraisam Shashikumar Singh S. Gourahari Singh Thongju Part-II M UR Mass Communication 29746 MMC/1871/20/MA
35 Sandeep Soubam S. Manglemba Singh Sagolband Nepra Menjor M UR Mass Communication 29747 MMC/1872/20/MA
36 Kongkham Luxmi Chanu K. Gunachandra Meitei Langthabal Mantrikhong F OBC Mass Communication 29748 MMC/1873/20/MA
37 Kharibam Yaiphaba Meitei Kh. Sunildro Yumnam Patlou M OBC Mass Communication 29749 MMC/1874/20/MA
38 Shamurailatpam Deepa Devi Sh.Subhas Sharma Brahmapur Nahabam F OBC Mass Communication 29752 MMC/1875/20/MA




Sl.No. Name & Address of the student S/O, D/O Sex Category Student Number Enrolment Number
1 Thangjam Tikendra Singh. Wangkhei Agom Leikai Hidam lampak Thangjam kendrabir Singh M DSP   MA/1608/19/MMC
2 K . Jitendra Singh Sangaiprou Mamang Leikai, Ningthemkhol,Kwakeithel Kangjam Sanajaoba Singh M UR (DSP)   MA/1609/19/MMC
3 Sagolsem Surmala Devi. Meitram Awang Leikai S. Surmanikanta Singh F OBC   MA/1610/19/MMC
4 Okram Umadini Devi Thoubal Okram Okram Rajen Singh F OBC   MA/1611/19/MMC
5 Adhikarimayum Niranjoy Sharma.
Nongmeibung Wangkheirakpam Leikai
(L) A. Nishikanta Sharma M UR   MA/1613/19/MMC
6 Brahmacharimayum Abhishek Sharma. Chingmeirong East B. Kirankumar Sharma M OBC   MA/1614/19/MMC
7 Santosh Mayengbam Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai M Pradip Singh M GEN   MA/1616/19/MMC
8 Melita Angom. Langdeibung Village Kangchup Angom Moses Singh F SC   MA/1618/19/MMC
9 Longjam Selika Devi Haobam Marak Keisham Leikai Longjam Nandakumar Singh F OBC   MA/1619/19/MMC
10 Kwairakpam Jack Kongba Nongthombam Leikai khwairakpam Deven M OBC   MA/1620/19/MMC
11 Somikumar Moirangthem Heirok Part II, Devimandop M. Thambou Singh M OBC   MA/1621/19/MMC
12 Silky Devi Chanambam Heirangoithong Ahongshangbam Leikai Chanambam loken Singh F OBC   MA/1622/19/MMC
13 Kamei Cynthia . Namdunlung Kamei Shyam F ST   MA/1624/19/MMC
14 Soyophy Zingkhai Laii Village ,Tadubi Senapati K. Yarchung F ST   MA/1626/19/MMC
15 Lener Karoung . Lower khoirentak Churachanpur Angam Karoung M ST   MA/1628/19/MMC
16 Laishram Kamaljeet Singh. Top Khongnang Makhong Laishram Mocha Singh M OBC   MA/1630/19/MMC
17 Oinam Merina Devi Kwasiphai Mayai Leikai Oinam Modhuchandra F OBC   MA/1631/19/MMC
18 Devika Chingtham Haobam Marak Chingtham Leikai Chingtham Surendra F OBC   MA/1633/19/MMC
19 Thingujam Bobby Singh Wangkhei Keithel Ashangbi Th. Sarathanra Sinhgh M OBC   MA/1635/19/MMC
20 Ngamkhopao.
S molcham Village
Jangthang M ST   MA/1636/19/MMC
21 Mutum Niralaxmi Devi Sagolband Nepra Menjor Mamang leikai Mutum Lokeshwor Singh F OBC   MA/1637/19/MMC
22 Akoijam Sunandash Singh . Thoubal Nongangkhong Lai Leirak Akoijam Jadumani Singh M OBC   MA/1638/19/MMC
23 Naorem Surchandra Singh. Khongman Zone 1(West) N. Shyamananda Singh M OBC   MA/1639/19/MMC
24 Chabungbam Anilkumar Singh . Sagolband Heinoupok Ch. Ibohalbi Singh M OBC   MA/1640/19/MMC