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Center for Human Rights and Duties Education




Sl. No. NAME CARE OF ADDRESS GENDER CATEGORY Cource/Deptt. STD. NO. Enrolment Number
1 Pukhrambam Nganthoi Devi P.Jadumani Singh Phoijingtong, Nambol F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29780 HR/1241/20/PGD
2 Thoudam Amutombi Devi TH. Iboyaima Singh Kakwa Lilando Lampak F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29781 HR/1242/20/PGD
3 Thoudam Rejiya Thoudam Ibohanbi Singh Khurai Chingangbam Leikai F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29782 HR/1243/20/PGD
4 Laishram Kennedy Singh Late.L. Ibotombi Singh Ningthoukhong Awang Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29783 HR/1244/20/PGD
5 Athokpam Reckitt Singh A. Bimolkumar Singh Khurai Top Makhong M OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29784 HR/1245/20/PGD
6 BM Haneef Rahaman Md. Fajur Rahaman Hiyangthang Tarahei Awang Leikai M OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29785 HR/1246/20/PGD
7 Bantu Nameirakpam Bameshor Nameirakpam Chingamathak Nameirakpam Leikai M OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29786 HR/1247/20/PGD
8 Tongbram Somendro Singh T. Tombi Singh Takyel Kolom Leikai M OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29787 HR/1248/20/PGD
9 Olivia Kamei Solomon Kamei Tamenglong Duithanlong ward Number 5 Part 3 F ST HUMAN RIGHT 29788 HR/1249/20/PGD
10 Pukhrambam Paikhombajeet Meitei Pukhrambam Birchandra Singh Kha Naorem Leikai, Canchipur M SC HUMAN RIGHT 29789 HR/1250/20/PGD
11 Hawaibam Thoibisana Devi H. Gopal Singh Awangjiri Mamng Leikai F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29790 HR/1251/20/PGD
12 Chingtham Babyrika Ch. Rajen Singh Haobam Marak Chingtham Leikai F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29791 HR/1252/20/PGD
13 Khumanthem Taibanganbi Chanu Naba khuman Thoubal wangmataba Mathak Leikai F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29792 HR/1253/20/PGD
14 phuritshabam Kalpana Devi phuritshabam mangijao Singh khurkhul makha leikai F SC HUMAN RIGHT 29793 HR/1254/20/PGD
15 Bishwapremee Shagolsem Sh. Bishwajit Singh Uchiwa Mamang Leikai F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29795 HR/1255/20/PGD
16 Takhelmayum Khagemba Singh T.Tomba Singh Takhel Mayai Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29796 HR/1256/20/PGD
17 Sanuka Nameirakpam Nameirakpam Saratchandra Uripok Bachaspati Leikai F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29797 HR/1257/20/PGD
18 Nongmaithem Kabita Devi N.Khogendro Singh Malom Tuliyaima Mayai Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29798 HR/1258/20/PGD
19 Phuritshabam Maliya Devi Phuritshabam mangijao Singh Khurkhul makha leikai F SC HUMAN RIGHT 29799 HR/1259/20/PGD
20 Laimayum Jotin L. Shyam Khurai Nandeibam leikai M OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29800 HR/1260/20/PGD
21 Atom Sushmita Devi Late Atom Damudor Singh Lamboikhongang Khong Veterinary Leirak F OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29801 HR/1261/20/PGD
22 Nongthombam Suraj Singh Nongthombam Ibomcha Singh Uripok Bachaspati Leikai M OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29802 HR/1262/20/PGD
23 Nongmaithem Yaiphabi Devi N.Muhindro Singh Sagolband Tera Loukrakpam Leikai F OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29803 HR/1263/20/PGD
24 Reema Gurumayum G. Guneswor Sharma wangkhei Khunou Soibam leikai, Near Citizens Club F OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29804 HR/1264/20/PGD
25 Moirangthem Sofia Devi M.Gouramohon Singh Heirok Part II Khunou F OBC HUMAN RIGHT 29805 HR/1265/20/PGD
26 N. Tajunliu N.Piwangbou Tamei F ST HUMAN RIGHT 29806 HR/1266/20/PGD
27 Thozii S H She Tungggam Khullen Village, senapati M ST HUMAN RIGHT 29809 HR/1267/20/PGD
28 Hmanna Tongsin Benjamin Tongsin Japhou Bazar chandel F ST HUMAN RIGHT 29810 HR/1268/20/PGD
29 N.Stefyliu N. Piwangbou Tamei F ST HUMAN RIGHT 29811 HR/1269/20/PGD
30 Reshma Shahani Nejamuddin Kiyam Leitanpok Thoubal F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29920 HR/1270/20/PGD
31 Seram Hemjit Meitei Seram BijenMeitei Kyamgei Mayai Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29921 HR/1271/20/PGD
32 Wahengbam Monika W. Deben Singh Bishnupur F UR HUMAN RIGHT 29922 HR/1272/20/PGD
33 Khumanthem Motilal Singh Kh Angnacha Meitei Wangoo M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29923 HR/1273/20/PGD
34 Laishram Paul Meitei L. Priyochand Singh Liwa Lambi Maibam Leikai Bokul Makhong M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29924 HR/1274/20/PGD
35 Seram Suraj Meitei S. Santa Meitei Langthabal Lep Mayao Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29925 HR/1275/20/PGD
36 Samandram Lanba Luwang (L) S. Subol Singh Thoubal Haokha Maning Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29926 HR/1276/20/PGD
37 Ayekpam Jimba Meitei A. Chinglen Meitei Maibakhul Maning Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29927 HR/1277/20/PGD
38 Longjam Robin Singh L. Ibocha Singh Wangoi Thoudam Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29929 HR/1278/20/PGD
39 Dityananda Chongtham Chongtham Achouba Singh Pishum Oinam Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29930 HR/1279/20/PGD
40 Yumnam Romen Singh Yumnam Gopal Singh Yurembam Awang Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29932 HR/1280/20/PGD
41 Moichingmayum Ziaur Rahaman Moichingmayum Ziauddin Thoubal Moijing Awang Leikai M UR HUMAN RIGHT 29933 HR/1281/20/PGD