List of the courses offered for CBCS

Sl. No. Department Course Title Course Code Semester Remark
 1  Adult Continuing Education and Extension  Current Trends in Adult Education CBCS-I  3rd Syllabus[pdf]
 2  Anthropology  People of South East Asia AN-536  3rd  Notice
 3  Biochemistry  Chemistry of Biomolecules BCT-O-534  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 4  Biotechnology  Bioinformatics and Biostatistics BTC-542  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 5  Chemistry  Relevance of Chemistry in Everyday Life CH-031  3rd Syllabus [pdf]
 6  Commerce  Personal Tax and Planning  OC-MC3.4  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 7  Computer Science  IT Tools and Applications CS-O3.1  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 8  Dance and Music  Introduction to Dance and Music    3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 9  Earth Sciences  Quaternary Geology and climate Changes ES-504  3rd  Syllabus
 10  Economics  Public Economics MEC-301  3rd



 11  Education

 Educational Technology


 3rd  Syllabus[pdf]
 12  English & Cultural Studies  Dynamics of English Studies  Course-I(305)  3rd  Syllabus[pdf]
 13  Fine Arts  Understanding of Fine Arts-I  MFAO-305  3rd  LOCF [PDF]
 14  Foreign Languages  NA  NA  NA  
 15  Forestry and Environmental Science  i. Ethnobotany and Tribal Studies
 ii. Environmental Awareness
 i. FOR-134/O
 ii. ENV-134/O
 3rd Notice & Syllabus [pdf]
 16  Geography  Agricultural Geography  GG/534  3rd  Circular[pdf]
 17  Hindi  Tulnamak Sahaitya  HIN-304  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 18  History  Indian Nationalism  HSM-306  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 19  Law  MEDIA LAW  301  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 20  Library & Information Science

 i. Community Information Source and Services

 ii. Information Literacy

 i. MLIS-206

 ii. MLIS-306

 21  Life Sciences  i. Biodiversity and Phytogeography
 ii. Fundamentals of Modern Biology
 i. MB-304OPT-1
 ii. MZ-304OPT-1
 3rd Circular [pdf]
 22  Linguistics  Introduction to General Linguistics-I LIN-304  3rd  Notice & Syllabus[PDF]
 23  Manipuri  Introduction to Manipuri Literature MN-304  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 24  Mass Communication  Foundation of Journalism    3rd  
 25  Mathematics  Recreational Mathematics MM5011  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 26  National Security Studies  Introduction to Strategic Studies MNSS-306  3rd Circular[pdf]
 27  Philosophy  Manipuri Vaisnavism  PHIL-308  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 28  Physical Education & Sports Science  Applied Physical Rehabilitation MPE6-IIIA4  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 29  Physics  Python Programming  PHY-5301  3rd Circular [pdf]
 30  Political Science  Indian Political System MPS-102  3rd  
 31  Psychology  Sport Psychology PSY-536  3rd  
 32  Sociology  Industrial Sociology MSO 304(B)  3rd Syllabus[pdf]
 33  South East Asian Studies        
 34  Statistics  Basic Statistics  ST-E307  3rd  Syllabus [pdf]
 35  Teacher Education  NA NA    
 36  Yoga  Health and Yogic Hygiene MSOP304  3rd  Notice
 37  Manipur Institute of Management Studies  Communication and Managerial Skill Development MBC001  3rd  Notice