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Weekly Highlights from the Scholars’ Desk 21 February 2020

1) Kongbrailatpam Bidyalakshmi Devi (Ph.D Scholar)
Registration Number: 3933 of 2017
Supervisor : Dr. Maibam Chourjit, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Manipur University
Thesis Title : “Effect of Gymnastic Activities on Gross Motor and Cognitive Development of Kindergarten.”
Research highlights: Particular fundamental movements which is partial to every need of motion pursue by kindergarten through various activities and conducting a study to understand the effectiveness in the gross motor and cognitive which either can  be correlated to each through such particular schedule of activities.

2) Lynda Thoudam (Ph.D Scholar)
Registration Number :3750 of 2017
Supervisor: Dr. Hanjabam Isworchandra Sharma, Assistant Professor, Deaprtment of Economics, Manipur University
Thesis Title : “A Study on Timber Economy of Manipur”.
Research highlight: The proposed research intend to study the timber economy of Manipur, develop a relationship between existing and future gap between  supply and demand for timber and to design pro-active interventions policies to reduce the gap.

3) Pansy Laishram (Ph.D Scholar)
Registration Number : 3751 of 2017
Supervisor: Dr.Damodar Nepram, Associate Professor, Department of  Economics, Manipur University.
Thesis Title : “Rising Trends of Private Schools in Manipur”.
Research Highlight: The paper highlights the shift of interest of private schools from government schools indicating the growing importance of private school education in Manipur which is better understood with regard to the result shown from the last decade.