Takhellambam Chanu Machathoibi

Designation: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Recombinant DNA Technology


Email: machathoibi2008 [AT] gmail.com

Website: http://manipuruniv.ac.in/faculty/73


  1. Adhikarimayum Lakhikumar Sharma, Thiyam Ramsing Singh, Takhellambam Chanu Machathoibi, Salam Dayananda Singh, Kh. Ranjana Devi, Lisam Shanjukumar Singh (2014) GENETIC STUDY OF VPU VARIANTS AMONG THE HIV-1 INFECTED INTRAVENOUS DRUG USERS OF MANIPUR PREDICTS HIGHLY PATHOGENIC VIRUS. International Interdisciplinary Journal of Scientific Research Vol. 1 No. 2 106-112
  2. Asem Robinson, T. Chanu Machathoibi, Salam Dayananda Singh, Lisam Shanjukumar Singh (2014) DEVELOPMENT OF NON-CYTOTOXIC ANTICANCER THERAPEUTIC DRUGS FROM MEDICINAL PLANTS. Current Topics in Redox Biology 150-157.