Prof L Rupachandra Singh

Designation: Professor & Dean of Life Sciences

Specialization: Protein Structure and Function & Enzyme Biotechnology


Email: rslaishram [AT] rslaishram [AT]


Dr.  L.  Rupachandra  Singh,  Professor  is  the principal  inventor  of  the  Indian  Patent  No.  236242 (Patentees –Secretary,   DBT,   New   Delhi   and Manipur  University):  An  improved  process  for  oak tasar  (Antheraea  proylei  J.)  cocoon  cooking  using pineapple extract.

Dr.  L.  Rupachandra  Singh,  Professor  is  life member  of 

(a)  Society  of  Biological  Chemists  of India,

(b) Indian Society of Agricultural Biochemists, India

(c) Indian Society of Sericulture, India and

(d) Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (Manipur State Branch) and

(e) Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.


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