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Prof R A S Kushwaha

Designation: Professor

Specialization: Sedimentology and Geomorphology

Contact: +91-9436890976

Email: rs_kushwaha [AT] rediffmail.com, raskushwaha [AT] manipuruniv.ac.in

PUC, B. Sc. Hons. M. Sc. (Geology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh U. P.) , M. Phil. (Sedimentology) and Ph. D. (Geomorphology)

Name: R. A. S. Kushwaha
Present Designation: Professor
Institution: Department of Earth Sciences
Manipur University

E. Mail: rs_kushwaha[AT]rediffmail.com,

Contact No:


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1: Assessment of Causes Flood in Manipur Valley and Remedial Measures Funded by DSTE, Govt. of Manipur

2) Radon Emanation Monitoring in Manipur as Precursor of Earth Quake with Rajesh Anand. Funded by DST, New Delhi, Govt of India

3) Landslide Microzonation, Risk Assessment and Remedial Measures Along NH-150 and State Highways Between Ukhrul-Nunghar and Ukhrul-Paorei, Manipur. Funded by DST New Delhi, Govt. of India


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Vol. 1: ISBN 13: 9788180696169 & ISBN 10: 8180696162
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