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Prof. Kangujam Priyokumar Singh

Designation: Professor

Specialization: Applied Mathematics

Contact: +918787798522, +919856134748

Email: pk_mathematics [AT] yahoo.co.in , pk_mathematics [AT] manipuruniv.ac.in

M.Sc. Ph.D (Applied Mathematics)





Department of Mathematics, Manipur University, Canchipur, Imphal.


Former Professor and Head,  Department of Mathematical Sciences & Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bodoland University, Assam.


Email: pk_mathematics [AT] yahoo.co.in   pk_mathematics [AT] manipuruniv.ac.in

Phone/Mobile: +919856134748, +918787798522,


1. Specialization : Applied Mathematics.

2. Area of Research: Relativity and Cosmology, Dark Energy, String Cosmology Modified Theory of Gravitation.


*Educational Qualification: M.Sc. Ph.D (Applied Mathematics)


* Research Publications:

  1. Published 78 (Seventy-Eight) Research papers in International Journals till now.

(Kangujam Priyokumar Singh? - Google Scholar? )


(ii)Published 1 (One) book with International Publisher LAMBERT Academic Publishing, German (https://amzn.eu/d/6NoeTcu )


iii) Guided/Produced 10 (Ten) Ph. D Scholars and 1 (One) M.Phil. Student.


(iv) 4 (Four) Ph. D Research scholars are doing Ph. D research work at present.


(v) Completed 2 (Two) Projects entitled

(a) “Cosmological models with the accelerated expansion of the universe: its origin and consequences” for an amount of Rs 1.2 Lakhs under UGC Minor Research Project.

(b) “A study of string universes and their significance for describing the dynamics of the universe and its future evolution” for an amount Rs 6,32,00 for the FY 2018-19. Fund releases yearly for 3 (Three) Years.


Administrative Experience

  1. Acts (2 times) as the Head, Department of Mathematical Sciences, BodolandUniversity.

  2. Acts (2 times) as a Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bodoland University. 

  3. Acts as OSD Examination, Bodoland University.


  • As Invited Speaker and Paper Presentation in International Seminar/Conferences

(i) Acts as Invited Speaker/ Resource Persons in Seminar/Conferences many times.

(ii) Presented many Papers in International /National Seminar/Conferences.


  1. Teaching Experience and Achievements


  1. More than 25 (Twenty-Five) Years teaching experience in UG & PG Level.

  1. From 05-03-2020 to till date serving as faculty member in the Department of Mathematics, Manipur University (Present status Professor).

  2. From 24-09-2012 to 04-03-2020 as Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Bodoland University.

  3. From 18-10-1997 to 23-09-2012 was serving as faculty member of Department of Mathematics Ideal Girl’s College, Imphal, Under Govt. of Manipur.

(ii) Acts as a Faculty member in Mathematics for UGC sponsored NET Coaching Centre for OBC in Manipur University.


As Reviewer

(i) Acts as Journal Reviewer of 12 (Twelve) International Journals.

(ii) Examined 5 (Five) Ph.D.Thesis of three Universities.

(iii) Examined 1 (One) M.Phil Dissertation of a University.

(iv) Acts as external examiner for the evaluation of Dissertation for M.Sc. Mathematics under Bodoland University, 2021.


Membership of different academic & Professional bodies:

1. Acts as the Chairman of Departmental Research Committee (DRC), Department of Mathematical Sciences, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, BTC, Assam.

2. Acts as the Chairman of Board of Post Graduate Studies (BPGS), Department of Mathematical Sciences, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, BTC, Assam.

3. Acts as a Co-ordinator Curriculum Review Committee of Bodoland University.

4. Acts as a Co-ordinator Routine Committee of Bodoland University.

5. Acts as a Member of Internal Quality Assurance Cells (IQAC), Bodoland University.

6. Acts as a member of Research Council, Bodoland University.

7. Acts as a member of Ph.D Committee, Bodoland University.

8. Acts as a member of Academic Council, Bodoland University.

9. Acts as Coordinator Intellectual Property Right Cell, Bodoland University.

10.Acts as a member of Executive Council, Bodoland University

11.Acts as a Member of CUDC, Bodoland University.

12.Acts as a member of Examination Committee. Bodoland University.

13. Life Member of Cryptology Research Society of India.

14. Member and Joint Secretary of Manipur Mathematical Society.

15. Life member Indian Association of General Relativity and Gravitation (IAGRG).

16. Life member Tensor Society of India

17. Member as a Volunteer of Manipur Volunteer Organization for the social development.

18. Member Research and Development Cell, Manipur University.

19. Member Board of Studies of School (BSS), School of Mathematical and Phyical Sciences, Manipur University.

20. Member Board of Studies Departmental (BSD), Department of Mathematics Manipur University.

21. Member, Board of Under-Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Manipur University, 2020

22. Member Board of studies Departmental (BSD), Department of Teacher Education Manipur University.

23. Member of the Committee for Drafting and Finalizing the Implementation Strategy of the NEP-2020 (Undergraduate Level) under Manipur University.

24. Member Academic Council, Manipur University.


Examinations Work Experience

  1. 20 (Twenty) years’ experience in Examination Confidential and Non- Confidential Examination Works of Manipur University and Bodoland University.

  2. Acts as Asst. Superintendent for U.G.C/ NET Exam. Dec.2010 Manipur University Centre.

  3. Acts as Asst. Officer-in-Charge for Manipur University, B.Ed/HSP Exam.March.2011.

  4. Acts as Asst. Superintendent for U.G.C/ NET Exam. June, 2011 Manipur University Centre.

  5. Acts as Tabulator for Manipur University Exam. 20th June, 2011.

  6. Acts as Tabulator for Degree 2nd Semester Exam. 12th September, 2011.

  7. Acts as Tabulator for B.Ed. Exam.2011.

  8. Acts as Tabulator for B.A.1st Semester Exam. December 2011.

  9. Acts as a Officer-in-charge for M.Sc Mathematics 1st Semester and 3rd Semester Exam. December, 2012 under Gauhati University.

  10. Acts as a Officer-in-charge for M.Sc Mathematics 2nd Semester and 4th SemesterExam.June,2013 under Gauhati University.

  11. Acts as a Officer-in-charge for M.Sc Mathematics 1st Semester and 3rd Semester Exam.December,2013 under Gauhati University and Bodoland University

  12. Acts as a Officer-in-charge and Head Examiner for Ph.D Course Work Exam.September,2015 Under Bodoland University.

  13. Acts as a Officer-in-charge and Head Examiner for M.Sc Mathematics 1st Semester and 3rd Semester Exam.December,2015 under Bodoland University.

  1. Acts as the Member of Screening Committee for the recruitment for Teaching faculty of Bodoland University, 2017.

  2. Acts as the Assistant Officer-in-charge for the M.Sc. 4th Sem. Exam. 2020(June).

  3. Acts as the Assistant Officer-in-charge for the M.Sc. 2nd Sem.(Backlog) Exam. 2020(June).


Contribution to educational innovation, design of new curricula and courses

1. Member of Degree Syllabus Committee and formation of Curricula, 2005.of Manipur University.

2. Member Syllabus Drafting Committee for B.Sc(Semester System), 2010of Manipur University.

3.Chairman Syllabus Drafting Committee for MSc.Mathematics (Semester System), of Bodoland University, 2013.

4. Chairman Syllabus Drafting Committee for Pre- Ph.D Course Work in Mathematics 1 Semester Course) of Bodoland University, 2013.

5, Chairman Syllabus Drafting Committee for MSc.Mathematics(Semester System under CBCS), of Bodoland University, 2015.

6. Chairman Syllabus Drafting Committee for Under Graduate Mathematics Syllabus (Semester System under CBCS), of Bodoland University, 2015.

7. Member, Board of Studies, Department of Mathematics, Manipur University, 2020.


As an Organizer of Seminar/Conferences

  1. Organized 1(One) Week Workshop on “Recent Trends in Mathematical Sciences” as a Head of Department and Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

  2. Organized 1 (One) day National Seminar Cum Awareness Program on Intellectual Property Rights as the Coordinator of IPR Cell Bodoland University.

  3. Organized 1(One) day “Regional Seminar on Intellectual Property and Cultural Heritage in Globalization Era” as the Coordinator of IPR Cell Bodoland University.

  4. Organized 2(Two) days National Conference on Emerging Trends in Advanced Mathematical Sciences and its Interdisciplinary Areas” as a Convenor of the Organizing Committee.

  5. Organized 3(Three) days International Webinar on Foundations for Contemporary Mathematical Research” in the department of Mathematics, Manipur University as a Convenor of the Organizing Committee from 8-10 November, 2021.


Other Participations in National Seminar, Workshop Refresher Courses& Orientation Programme etc.


1. Participated in 3(Three) U.G.C Sponsored Refreshers courses.

2. Participated in 2 (two) days Seminar on “Teachers Accountability in Higher Education” sponsored by Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Manipur.

3. Participated in 3(Three) days Seminar-Cum- Workshop on “Reforms of CurriculaAnd Syllabi for First Degree Courses sponsored by Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Manipur.

4. Participated in National Level “Instructional Workshop on Cryptology” Conducted jointly by CRSI, Kolkata, IMS, Chennai and Manipur University, Imphal during May 5-7, 2010.

5. Participated in the Two Weeks Workshop on Mathematica, 7-21 September, 2011.Sponsored by Manipur University and Organized by Department of Mathematics, Manipur University, Imphal.

6. Participated in 2 (Two) days workshop on “Gender Sensitization” Organized by Women’s Study Centre, Manipur University, during 29th – 30th March, 2012.

7. Participated in UGC- Sponsored 23rd Orientation Programme Organized by UGC-Academic staff College Manipur University, (16 June-14 July), 2014.

8. Participated in VIIth International Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology, 14-19 December, 2011 Goa, India. Organized by International Centre for Theoretical Sciences of TIFR, Mumbai. (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai).


Co-Curricular Extension and Institutional Development Activities

1. Member of College Election Committee 2007-2008.

2. Member of College Examination Committee.

3. Member College Construction Committee for the construction works fundedby U.G.C/Directorate of Univ.& Hr. Education, Govt. of Manipur. 2011-2012.

4. Acts as a member of Bodoland University Construction Committee.

5. Acts as external expert for the assessment of research progress of JRF in the Department of Mathematics, Manipur University, 2019.

6. Acts as subject expert/member for the Departmental selection committee for the placement/promotion under MPSC.

7. Acts as a subject expert for the appointment of teaching faculty in NIT Manipur.

8. Act as observer for the different examinations like NEET, NET/JRF etc. conducted by NTA.

9. Acts as subject expert for vetting and editing of base terms in the Mathematics discipline for TEIL series under National Translation Mission, Central Institute of Indian Languages, 2022.


Others Experiences

1. Completed Computer Course in Information Technology Tool &Applications, Programming in BASIC &Pascal and Introduction to C & Matlab Programming

2. Completed Social Animators Training Programme Sponsored by CAPART, New Delhi.

3. Completed the 2 (Two) Weeks Workshop on Mathematica, Sponsored by Manipur University, Imphal 7-21 September, 2011.