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Dr P Gunindro Singh

Designation: Retd. Professor

Specialization: Ancient Indian Culture & Archaeology, Palaeography and Manuscriptology

Contact: 9436027564, 9366446561

Email: gunindropaona [AT] yahoo.com, paonamgunin [AT] gmail.com

M.A.(Pune University), Ph.D.(Pune University)

Date of superannuation: 28-Feb-2022

Academic Achievements:
1. Number of scholars awarded Ph.D degree under the supervision of Prof. P.Gunindro Singh -19(nineteen)


Name of the Scholar

Title of Ph.D. thesis





Ritual Dances of Surin of Thailand and Manipur: A Comparative Study



M. Sumati Devi


Mayai Chanba Jugki Manipuri Sahityada Dharma amasung Sanskriti



Maisnam Luwangba

Meidingu Khagemba amasung Manipuri Sanskriti (King Khagemba and Manipuri Culture)





James Singh

Manipuri Sanskritida Nat Sankritan

(Role of Nata Sankritana in Manipur Society)



N. Tomchou Singh


Manipuri Sanskritida Kakching-gi Khudol




Karung Chinglen Kom

Kom Jatigi Harao Kummei (Festivals of Kom Tribe)




Lai Haraobana Piriba Maheigi Mangal



N.Indu Devi

Manipuri Jagoiga ThangTaga Leinariba Mari (Relevance of Manipuri Dance and Indigenous Martial Art Thang-Ta)



Irengbam Tiken

Ritual Theater Ama Oina Kwak Tanba amasung Heikru Hidongba



Y. Gopi Devi

Manipuri Jagoi Ras : Hourakpa amasung Chaokhatlakpa (Manipuri Jagoi Ras :Origin and Development)



N. Joykumar Singh


MoirangThangjing Haraoba: Mashigi Top-Toppa Mashak Neinaba




Khelpriya Devi

Chai Cha Taranipalda Honglakliba Manipuri Sanskritigi Shaklon ( Aspects of Manipuri Culture During 18th Century)







Manipuri Sanskritida Pena

(Role of Musical Instrument Pena in Manipuri




S. Robindro Singh (Co-Guide)

Manipuri (Meitei) Samajda Khongjom Parva
(Khongjom Parva Ballad in Manipuri Society)






Aheibam Rishikesh Singh

Manipuri Sanskritida Thang-Tagi Mapham

( Role of Martial Art Sword and Spear in Manipuri Culture)





H. Belarani Singha

Bhagyachandra Maharaja Amasung Manipuri Sanskriti (1759-1798) (Bhagyachandra Maharaja and Manipuri Culture)



Waikhom Romesh

Anganba Manipuri Culturegee Mashak

(Aspects of Early Manipuri Culture)



Meikam Thoiba Singh

Manipuri Sanskritida Meitei Pung (Role of Meitei Pung in Manipuri Culture)



Laishram Imoba

Manipur Samajada Khut-Sa Heibagi Mahei Mashing (Arts and Crafts of Manipuri Society)



Books Published:

1. Manipuri Cultureda Mityeng Ama (Manipuri Culture: A Perspective) Vol. II., Poknapham Publication, Imphal (2006 ),
2. Manipuri Cultureda Mityeng Ama (Manipuri Culture: A Perspective), Vol.I. Poknapham Publication, Imphal (2000)
3. Epigraphical Records of Manipur,(Co-author) Vol.I, Mutua Museum, 1986
4. Manipuri Numismatics, Mutua Museum, Imphal,1983

Text Books Edited:

1. Thang Ta Sindam Lairik,  for XII Class (ed), Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur, 2017
2. Thang Ta Sindam Lairik, Practical Book for XII Class (ed), Council of     Higher Secondary Education Manipur, 2017
3. Thang Ta Sindam Lairik for XI Class (ed), Text Book of Class XI, Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur, 2016
4. Thang Ta Sindam Lairik for XI Class  Practical (ed),   Class XI, Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur, 2016
5. Thang Ta Sindam Lairik Anishuba (ed), Text Book of Class X, Board of Secondary Education, Manipur, 2015
6. Thang Ta Sindam Lairik Ahanba (Ed), Text book of Class IX, Board of Secondary Manipur, Imphal 2013

    Papers Published:
1. Published a paper entitled, Manipuri Culture: A Perspective, Manipuri Bhasha O Sahitya edited by A.K.Seram, Bangladesh (2016)
2. Manipuri Lammitlon: Place Name Lore of Manipur, Journal of Asia Studies, Surindra Rajabhat University, Thailand, 2015

1. Paona Brajabashi, Heritage Explorer, Vol.X.No.5 August,2010 Guwahati
2. Manipuri Toponomy, Studies in Indian Place Names of India Vol XXVIII, 2008
3. Special Features of Meetei Script( Based on Palaeographical Studies) in Ancient Sciences and  Archaeology, Journal of Ancient Sciences and Archaeological Society of India   Mysore, Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, Delhi(2007)
4. Khongchomnupi Nongkarol (Heavenward Ascent of Pleiades) in Masterpieces of   Indian Literature, Vol.II, National Book Trust of India, New Delhi 1997
5. Cultural Evolution in Manipur(1500-1900), in Manipur Past and Present, Vol II, Mittal Publications, Delhi,1991
6.  New Lights on Manipuri History from   the Rare  Coins of Manipur Preserved in Mutua Museum, in the Studies in Ancient Indian History, D.C. Sircar Commemoration Volume, Sundeep Prakashan, New Delhi, 1988

  Research Journals Edited:

1.     Sculpture of Manipur, Mutua Museum, Imphal (1982)
2.     Temple Architecture of Manipur, Mutua Museum, Imphal (1983)
3.     Forts and Monuments of Manipur, Mutua Museum,Imphal (1984)
4.     Rock Carvings and Inscriptions, Mutua Museum, Imphal (1985)

Papers Published in Local Journals:   50 papers    
Paper Published in Foreign Research Journals
1.     Manipuri Lammitlon: Place Name Lore of Manipur, Journal of Asia Studies, Surindra Rajabhat University, Thailand, 2015
2.     Published a paper entitled, Manipuri Culture: A Perspective, in the compilation Manipuri Bhasha O Sahitya edited by A.K.Seram, Bangladesh
*Columnist of   Daily News Paper “Poknapham” from 1998-2004 Contributed  articles for every Friday (1998-2004) on Manipuri Culture, Word Etymology of old Manipuri Language and Literature.  

Lectures Delivered on Language and Script during the last 5 years:
1. Delivered a series of lectures in a Twenty-one-Day Workshop on Basic study of Paleography and Manuscriptology(8 -28th March.,2013) organized by the Department of MIL, Delhi University ,Delhi,

18th March, 2013:      Palaeography of Meeteis Script
19th March, 2013:      Old Manipuri Manuscripts
20th March, 2013:    Palaeography of Western Indian Cave Inscriptions

2. Delivered a lecture on ‘Imalonna Eikhoigi Kala Sanskritida Luriaba Mashak Loynana Lon amasung Mayekki Khongjel’ on 20th August, 2013 organized by Manipuri Language development Committee, at the Manipuri Sumang Leela Sanglen, Imphal.
3. Delivered a lecture on Prospect of Manipuri Language on 21st February, 2014 organized by Manipur Research Forum and Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Manipur, Imphal
4. Delivered 10 lectures on Meetei script and Manipuri Language in a 10-Day Workshop on Meetei Script Proficiency for the Teachers of Manipuri (MIL) and 
5. Elective Manipuri Subjects, held at Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur held from 3rd November to 12th November2014.
6. Delivered 7 lectures on a 7-Day Workshop on Meetei Script and Language Proficiency for the teacher of Manipuri (MIL) and Elective Manipuri Subject Organized by Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur which was held from 23rd to 30th September 2014
7. Delivered a lecture on Manipuri Language as a medium of instruction on the occasion of International Mother Language Day held on 21 February 2015 at Manipur University Social Science Auditorium organized by Research Forum Manipur
8. Resource Person  in a 10-Day Workshop on Preventive Conservation of Manuscripts held from 22-31stMarch 2015, organized by Department of Bengali, Gurucharan College, Silchar, Assam, Sponsored by National Mission for Manuscripts IGNCA, New Delhi

Papers Presented in the International Seminar, Conferences during the last 5 years
1. Presented a paper entitled on  Manipuri Lammitlon: Place Name Lore of Manipur, in the International Surin Folk Festival, urindra Rajabhat University, Surin, Thailand, 12 January,2014
2. Presented a paper entitled, Paleography of the Cave Inscription of Maharashtra, on 12 January,2018 in the 3rd World Congress of Vedic Science, jointly organized by Government of Maharashtra, Government of Goa, Vijnana Bharati, Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute, Pune
3. Presented a paper entitled  New Insight into Early Brahmi Inscription of Western India, in the 6th International Congress of Society of South Asian Archaeology, organized by Indian Museum, Kolkota, Ministry of Culture Government of India, held on 16-18 March 2018
4. Delivered a lecture entitled “ Cultural Relation Between India and Thailand” on the 1st International HUNIC Conference held at Surindra Rajabhat University, Thailand on 14-15 September 2018

      Experience of Field Work
Surveyed the Buddhist Rock-cut cave inscriptions of Ajanta, Bedsa, Bhaja, Junnar, Kanheri, Karla, Karad,  Kuda, Kondane, Nasik, Naneghat, Pitalkhora, etc.

 Scripts in T.V. Channels
1.    Kangla, Two episodes, NE Doordarshan, Guwahati
2.    Monuments of Manipur, Two episodes, NE Doordarshan, Guwahati
3.     Paona Brajabashi, Two episodes, Metro Channel, Delhi
4.     Sekta, Doordarshan Kendra, Imphal
5.     Kanagidamakno EinaTengthariba, Doordarshan Kendra Imphal
6.     Padmashri Abhiram, DDK, Imphal
7.    Pena, NE Doordarshan
8.     Moibung, DDK, Imphal
9.     Loktak Lake, DDK, Imphal
10.   Script writer of the Documentary Film ‘Kangla’,  MFDC, Manipur

Members of Educational Establishments and other Organizations
1. Life Member of Cultural Forum of Manipur
2. Executive Member, Place Name Society of India, Mysore,   
3. Editorial Committee Member of Bharatvani Project, Ministry of HRD
4. Member of the Ancient Sciences and Archaeological Society of India,  (Bharatiya Prachina vaijnyanika Puratatva), Mysore
5. Executive Member Heritage Foundation of Manipur
6. Member of Meetei Mayek Expert Committee, Govt of Manipur
7. Member of the experts of Manipuri Terminology, Govt.of Manipur
8. Member of Syllabus and Text Book Committee of Thang Ta, Board of Secondary Education Manipur
9. Member of the Syllabus and Text Book Committee of Thang Ta, Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur
10. Member, Comprehensive Language Policy of India, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India
11. Member of Court ( Visitor’s Nominee), Assam University,Silchar