Dr. Lalleima Chakpram

Designation: Guest Faculty

Specialization: Plant Physiology/ General Botany

Contact: 9863037495

Email: lalleimachakpram [AT] gmail.com, lallchak7 [AT] gmail.com



  • 2nd Position in Inter College Science Exhibition, 2005 conducted by University and Higher Education, Govt. Of Manipur

  • Gold medallist of Bachelor of Science in Botany Honours, Manipur University (2007)

  • PG merit scholarship for University Rank Holder (2007-2009), University Grants Commission

  • Cleared State Eligibilty Test for Lectureship in 2014 conducted by State Level Eligibility Commission, Assam.

Membership details:

  • Lifetime member of Phytotaxonomy: Journal of Association of Plant Taxonomy.


  • Thingbaijam Dikash Singh, Lalleima Chakpram & Huidrom Sunitibala Devi (2013). Induction of in vitro microrhizomes using silver nitrate in Zingiber officinale Rosc. Var. Baishey and Nadia. Indian Journal of Biotechnology, 13: 256-262. (Impact Factor: 0.343)

  • Sanatombi Devi Yumkham, Lalleima Chakpram, Asir Benniamin and Potsangbam Kumar Singh (2014). Discovery of Cyrtosia nana (Orchidaceae) in India. Tawania 58 (3) 229-232. (Impact Factor: 0.602)

  • L. Chakpram, Yumkham S. D. and P. K. Singh (2014). Less Known Wild Aroids of Manipur. International Journal of Agriculture and Food Technology, 5 (6): 537-544.

  • S. D. Yumkham, L. Chakpram, S. Salam, M. K. Bhattacharya & P. K. Singh (2017). Edible ferns and fern–allies of North East India: a study on potential wild vegetables. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 64 (3): 467–477. (Impact factor: 1.296)

  • Lalleima Chakpram, Yumkham Sanatombi Devi and Potsangbam Kumar Singh (2017). Colocasia oresbia (Araceae) – An Addition to the Flora of India. Aroideana  40 (1): 63-70.

  • Lalleima Chakpram and Potsangbam Kumar Singh (2017). Amorphophallus krausei Engl. (Araceae) – A New Aroid Report in India. Aroideana  40 (3): 34-39.