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Dr Guigongpou Gonmei

Designation: Asst Professor

Specialization: Computational Linguistics

Contact: 8730964188

Email: ggonmei2009 [AT] gmail.com



1. Name: Dr. Guigongpou Gonmei

2. Designation: Assistant Professor

3. Department: Linguistics

4. Specialization: Computational Linguistics, Language Typology

5. Phone/Mobile: 8730964188

6. Email: ggonmei2009[AT]gmail.com

7. Highest Educational Qualification: PhD

8. Research Areas: corpus-based modeling of natural language and classification of language and language change

9. Details of Achievements, Membership of different academic or professional bodies, Publications etc.


  • PhD in Linguistics, North Eastern Hill University, 2012

  • MA in Linguistics, North Eastern Hill University, 2004

  • Cleared UGC NET-JRF in 2004


  • Gonmei, Guigongpou. 2012. “Ecology of Rongmei” in the book ‘Ecology of Manipur’, compiled and edited by Dr. S.K. Singh, Published by Eastern Book House, Guwahati, Assam, India.

ISBN: 978 93 80261 508

  • Gonmei, Guigongpou. 2014. “Sociolinguistics Aspects of Rongmei” ‘Tibeto-Burman Linguistics of North East India’, UPE-Vol-3, by War, J. et al. Published by Eastern Book House, Guwahati, Assam, India.

ISBN: 978 93 80261 904

  • Gonmei, Guigongpou. 2015. “Sociolinguistics and Typological Aspects of Rongmei”, “North East India Tribal Studies; An Insider’s View”. By Ch. Charles Yuhlung & J. Richard. Published by Regency Publications, New Delhi. ISBN No: 978 81 89233 969, 2015.


  • Gonmei, Guigongpou. 2008. ‘Word Order’ Presented a Paper in North East Winter School of Linguistics, NEHU, Shillong, 21st January – 14th February, 2008

  • Gonmei, Guigongpou. 2009. ‘Verb Nominalization in Rongmei’ Presented a paper in the 1st International Conference on World Languages and North East Languages, NEHU, Shillong, 18th – 20th March, 2009

  • Gonmei, Guigongpou. 2012. ‘Negation in Rongmei’ Paper presentation in the 34th All India Linguist conference, held on 1 – 3November, 2012

  • Gonmei, Guigongpou. 2017. ‘Child Language Acquisition’ poster presentation at National Symposium, Guwahati, 16th – 17th March, 2017.


  • Participated in one day workshop on ‘Science and Technology for the better quality of Life’ Shillong, 2006

  • Participated in CIIL, NLSI preparatory summer school; Mysore, 2007

  • Participated in CIIL, NLSI workshop on ‘Tibeto-Burman’ 21st May – 30th June, Mysore, 2007

  • North East Winter School of Linguistics, NEHU, Shillong, 21st January – 14th February, 2008

  • LIS-India workshop, NEHU, Shillong, 24th – 28th November, 2008

  • Participated in the 3 days Round Table Conference on “Sixty years of North East, Revisiting the Experience”, 15th – 17th May, Shillong, 2008

  • Participated in the ‘4th International Conference of the North East Indian Linguistic Society (NEILS), 15th – 17th January, Shillong, 2009

  • Participated in ‘Mother Tongue Survey in India’, NEHU, Shillong, 17th – 19th September, 2010

  • Participated in Advance Academic Program (Linguistics) for North Eastern States (AAP-NES), organized by ISI, Kolkata and Linguistics Department, Manipur University, from 17th – 21st October, 2016.

Invited Lectures:

1. ‘A brief profile of Rongmei Language’, International Mother Language Day, Press Club of Manipur, 2019

2. ‘Effects of Social Media on Language Development’, Language Consortium, Shillong, Meghalaya, 2017.