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Dr. Vijaylakshmi Brara

Designation: Associate Professor

Specialization: Developmental Sociology, Cultural Anthropology and Gender Studies

Contact: +91-9436034791

Email: vbrara11 [AT] gmail.com

MA (Sociology, Delhi School of Economics), Ph.D.(JNU, CSSS-SSS)

Dr. Vijaylakshmi Brara,

Associate Professor, Centre for Manipur Studies, Manipur University


Phone no. 9436034791 (Whatsapp) 8787331931 (Phone)

Education : MA in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics, Phd from JNU, CSSS-SSS


Key qualifications: Research experience in the North East region in the field of grass root institutions, gender analysis and cultural contexts for around 28 years. Author of a book, Published by Oxford University Press and other published works on the above mentioned areas.


Some published works:

  1. Politics, Society and Cosmology in India’s North – East, published by Oxford University Press, 1998.


  1. Breaking The Myth : The Social Status Of Meitei Women: published in the book; Changing Women’s Status in India: Focus on the North East, edited by Walter Fernandes and Sanjay Barbora, published by North Eastern Social Research Centre, Guwahati, 2002.


  1. The Seen and the Unseen: Sociological Dimensions to Violence Against Women in Manipur”; published in the book; Violence Against Women in North East India; edited by H. Sudhir and Jubita Hajarimayum, published by Akansha Publishing House, New Delhi, 2005.


  1. Religious Movements and Cultural Synthesis in Manipur in the book, Globalization and the Changing Scenario of Cultural Interaction, edited by N.Joykumar Singh, Centre for Manipur Studies and Akanksha Publishing House, 2007


  1. Women in peace: But are they in dialogue in the bookPeace in Dialogue: Reflections on North East India” published by ICSSR, Shillong, 2008


  1. Paving the way for the All Inclusive Institutions: Some Livelihood Alternatives in the book, Livelihoods From Forestry in North East India by CIFOR, Indonesia, NERCORMP, India and NEHU, India


  1. Use of Land for Economic Development: Role of Democratic Institutions in Senapati and Ukhrul Districts, in the book, Tribalism and the Tragedy of the Commons: Land Identity and Development, edited by Ch. Priyoranjan Singh for ICSSR- NERC and published by Akanksha Publishing House, New Delhi, 2009


  1. Brushed under the Carpet : Inclusion and Exclusion in Manipur in the book Inclusion and Exclusion in Local Governance: Field Studies of Rural India, edited by BS Baviskar and George Mathew, published by Sage Publications, 2009


  1. Performance: The Gendered Space in Manipur”, in the book, “The Peripheral Centre: Voices from India’s North East, edited by Preeti Gill, published by Zubaan, New Delhi, 2010


  1. Forgotten by Delhi, Manipur Survives”, Sunday Guardian, Week In Review, Delhi , 20. 06.2010.


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  1. The Manipur Women and the Changing World, in the book North East India: Selected Regional Issues, edited by Amar Yumnam, Akanksha Publishing house and Manipur University, 2011, ISBN No. 978-81-8370-308-6


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  1. The Good and the Evil: The Self and the Other in the book Construction of Evil in North-East India: Myths, Narratives & Discourses. Edited by PrasenjitBiswas& C. Joshua Thomas, Sage Publication


  1. A Plea for Consensual Governance in the book Security Governance and Democratic Rights: Essays on the North East, edited by KS Subramanian, Niyogi books, new Delhi, 2014, ISBN no.978-93-83098-13-2


  1. Nepalis of Manipur through the Lens of ‘Cultural Collective’ in the book, Nepali Diaspora, edited by Prof. TB Subba, Rutledge


  1. Sisterhood: Feminist Paradigms of North East India and South East Asia in the book India’s North East and Asiatic South East: Beyond Borders, Edited by Rashpal Malhotra and Such Singh Gill, Published by Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development, Chandigarh,2015, ISBN No. 978-81-85835-74-8

  2. Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh: India’s Gateway to Southeast Asia in the book India China and Sub-regional Connectivities in South Asia, edited by D. Suba Chandran and Bhavna Singh, 2015 Sage Publication, ISBN No. 978-93-515-0327-9.


  1. Parallel Legal Systems in Manipur , CMS Working paper 1, 2015


  1. Koireng: A Hero and Manipuri Nationalism in the book ‘Koireng’Bir Tikendrajit and Little Known Fighters Against Raj – Figures from Manipur, edited by Sanjoy Hazarika and M. Amarjet Singh, published by Global Book Organisation, Delhi, ISBN No. 978- 93-80570-88-4,2016

  2. Home Coming of Sorts in the book Absences, Silences and the Margin: A Mosaic of Voices on the Indian Diaspora edited by Asir Raj S., Mukhopadhyay S. and Nadarajah M., Yathumai publications, Chennai ,2018


  1. Caste, Tribe and Reservation in Manipur: A Critique in the book Towards Social Justice, edited by Thomas C. Joshua and Kakoti Padmakshi, ICSSR-NERC and Pentagon Press, New Delhi, 2018, ISBN 978-93-86618-44-3


Journal Articles:


  1. Feminist Discourses in North east India”, in Eastern Quaterly.Vol.4, Issue III and IV, October2007-March 2008


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  1. Rashtra Asmita, Parampara Aadi Aadi, (Hindi) in the Journal of National Human Rights Commission, Manav Adhikaar, Nayi Dishayein, 2018


National report (Single Author)

  1. Situational Analysis of Women and Girls in Manipur”, commissioned and published by National Commission for Women, New Delhi, 2005.



International Report (Single Author)

  1. Gender Analysis Climate Change Adaptation in North east Region – Sikkim, Meghalaya and Nagaland for GIZ CCA Program, July 2013


Film reviews published in International journal


  1. Under the Palace Wall. Directed by David MacDougal. 2014. 53 minutes. Colour. Distributed by Royal Anthropological Institute. DVD. Urbanities, Vol. 5 · No 1 · May 2015 © 2015 Urbanities, pp 138-139


  1. Cast in India, 26 minutes, Produced by The Program in Culture and Media, Department of Anthropology, New York, Directed by Natasha Raheja in Urbanites, Vol. 5 · No 2 · November 2015 ISSN 2239-5725, pp 69-70



Have also presented papers in various national and international seminars, mostly related to development, gender and culture.

Visiting Professor: Invited as Visiting Professor in Centre for Study of Social Systems, School of Social Sciences, JNU for a period of two weeks (1 st to 15 th September, 2015) under CAS programme of the Centre.

Part of Curriculum Preparation:

Prepared TLM on Theories of Gender Studies for Human Development Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia as National Resource Centre in Gender/Women’s studies for conducting Annual Refresher Course for all in-service Higher Education Faculty. Part of SWAYAM programme, October, 2018

Special field of interest:

Developmental Sociology, Cultural Anthropology and Gender Studies.

The Northeast region has been the main field-area of my study for the last 28 years, which includes my Doctoral research work. As Associate Professor in Centre for Manipur Studies we emphasize research on contemporary issues; specifically in the field of polity, society and economy and the cultural dynamics of Manipur in particular and the interactive dynamics with South Asia and the rest of North East India, with Gender being an all pervasive genre in the above mentioned areas. We in the Centre, build the research appraisals and research projects around these issues. The Centre for Manipur Studies also undertakes PhD programmes and also have post doctoral fellows attached to us.


Dr. Vijaylakshmi Brara

Associate Professor

Centre for Manipur Studies

Manipur University

Manipur, India