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Dr Nongmaithem Banita Devi

Designation: Assistant Professor (S-3)

Specialization: Commonwealth/Postcolonial Literature

Contact: 8787738177/8730850180

Email: banitadevi1 [AT] gmail.com

MA in English (Delhi University), UGC-NET with JRF in English, Ph.D in English (Manipur University)



Designation: Assistant Professor (S-3)

Qualification: MA in English (Delhi University)

UGC-NET with JRF in English

Ph.D in English (Manipur University)

Contact: 8787738177/8730850180

E-mail: banitadevi1[at]gmail.com

Specialization: Commonwealth/Postcolonial Literature

Research Areas: British Literature, Indian Writings in English, Women's Studies, Epic Retellings, Ecocritical Studies.


1. Life Member, Association For English Studies of India (AESI).

2. Member, English Language Teachers' Association of India (ELTAI).

3. Member, English Literary Circle, Manipur.


5. Member, Board of Studies (BSD) of the Department of English and Cutltural Studies.

6. Member, Board of Studies (BSS), of the School of Humanities w.e.f 2016.

7. Member, University Nominee to the Governing Body of Kakching Khunou College, Manipur (2016-19).

8. Member, University Nominee to the Governing Body of Heritage Christian College, Manipur (2020-23).

9. Member, Anti-Ragging Committee of Manipur University w.e.f. 2020.

10. Life Member, Indian Association for Women’s Studies w.e.f. 11/7/2021.

Number of students having awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosphy: One (1) 2019.

Papers presented in Seminars and Conferences:

1. A paper titled "Ethical Dimensions in Anita Desai's Fire on the Mountain" in the "National Seminar on Theoretical and Practical Issues relating to the Concept of Dharma" 30-31 March 2017 sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), New Delhi.

2. A paper titled "The Slave Girl: A critique of the Multi-layered Culture of Traditional Igbo Society" in the Two Day National Conference on Cultural Studies organised by ELC, Manipur on 12th and 13th May, 2017.

3. A paper titled "The Issues of Infertility and Sexual Politics as a Reflection of Dystopia in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale" co-authored with Ph. Nandakumar, Research Scholar, in the Two Day International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies, organised by ELC on 22nd and 23rd November, 2019.

4. A paper titled "From Disillusionment to Self-realisation: A Study of Vikram Seth's The Golden Gate" co-authored with N. Andropov, Research Scholar, in the Two Day International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies, organised by ELC on 22nd and 23rd November, 2019.

5. A paper titled "A Discourse on "Female Desire", Anger and Hysteria in Anita Desai's Cry, The Peacock" in the Two Day National Seminar on "Commonwealth Literature, Culture and Folklore" organised by the Indian Society for Commonwealth Studies (ISCS) and Department of English and Cultural Studies, Manipur University on 15-16 November, 2019.

6. A paper titled "The Manwoman Dilemma: Understanding Gender in Ursula Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness" co-authored with Nganthoi Khuraijam, Research Scholar in the "A Three Day International Virtual Conference on Gender Studies and Women Empowerment" from 16-18 April 2021 organised by Department of Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, NIT Agartala.

7. A paper titled "Violation and Trauma: A Gender Exploration" in One Day National Web Seminar on "Women in 21st Century Indian Literature: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives" co-authored with Thokchom Linthoinganbi, Research Scholar, held on 24th May, 2021 organised by Department of English, Harsh Vidya Mandir (PG) College, Haridwar, sponsored by ICSSR.

Paper Publications: A. Journals

1. "A Unique Female Consciousness in Anita Desai's Where Shall We Go This Summer?" in PROTOCOL: Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings (pp. 74-82), ISSN-0973-9807, Vol V and VI No 1 and 2, Spring and Winter 2011-2012.

2. "The Moon and the Lotus: A look into Chandani Lokuge's If the Moon Smiled" in Ruminations, vol 4, No.2, June 2014, pp. (76-91), ISSN-2229-6751.

3. "The Religious Minority: A Study of the Oppressed in Taslima Nasreen's Lajja" in The Indo-American Review, vol.17, 2015. pp. (158-167), ISSN-0974-0481, 2015.

4. "Recollecting Childhood Memories in Ismat Chugtai's "Childhood"" in Research Directions: An International Multi-disciplinary Journal vol. 6, Issue 8, Jan 2019, pp. 119-124, ISSN-2321-5488.

5. "Ethical Dimensions in Anita Desai's Fire on the Mountain" in SHODH SARITA, vol 7, Issue 27, July to September 2020 (UGC-Care Listed). ISSN-2348-2397, pp 216-220.

6. "From Subjugation to Empowermnent: Recasting Homer's Minor Character in Madeline Miller's Circe" co-authored with Nganthoi Khuraijam, Research Scholar, in SHODH SANCHAR BULLETIN (UGC-CARE listed) vol 10, Issue 39, July to September 2020, ISSN-2229-3620, pp. 1-5.

7. "Construction of Female Identity in Easterine Kire's When the River Sleeps" co-authored with Thokchom Linthoingambi, Research Scholar, in SHODH SANCHAR BULLETIN (UGC-CARE listed) vol 10, Issue 39, July to September 2020, ISSN-2229-3620, pp. (91-96).

8. "A Discourse on Female Desire, Anger and Hysteria in Anita Desai's Cry, The Peacock" in International Journal of Cultural Studies and Social Sciences (UGC-CARE listed), vol XI, No. XIV, pp. 86-96, ISSN No. 2347-4777.

9. “A Contemporary Rereading of Homer’s Three Greek Queens in the Odyssey”in LITTCRIT (UGC Care listed), Issue 91, Vol 47, No. 1 June 2021 pp. 158-168, ISSN No. 0970-8049.

10. “Interplay of a Unique Destiny, Multi-Dimensional Education and Female Agency in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Palace of Illusions” in the International Journal of Cultural Studies and Social Sciences (UGC Care listed) Vol. XIII, No. XVI June 2021, pp. 15-30, ISSN No. 2347-4777.

11. “Reframing the Sita Myth in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Forests of Enchantments” in Research Directions (Peer-reviewed), Vol. XI, Issue V Nov. 2021, pp. 336-340, ISSN No. 2321-5488.

B. Edited Books

1. A paper titled "Negotiating the Treacherous Terrains: The Translator in Anita Desai's Translator Translated" in The Eternal Women: Indian Writing in English. Editors Qamar Talat and A.A Khan. 2013, ISBN: 978-81-8435-387-7. pp. (9-22).

2. A short story titled "Broken Mirror" translated from Manipuri to English published in Anthology of Manipuri Short Stories. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2017. ISBN-978-81-260-5284-4. pp. 16-25.

C. Newsletters

1. An Article titled "The First Autobiography in India by a Woman". MUWWA Newsletter. vol 4, no. 4, 2017, p.4.

2. An Article titled "Giving Voice to the Muted: Rewriting Epic Poems by 21st Century Women Writers". MUWWA Newsletter vol. 7, No. 7, 2020. pp. (5-7).

Courses Attended:

  1. One Week Online Faculty Development Programme on “Covid-19 Research Areas: Approaches for Humanities and Social Sciences” (12th to 18th July, 2021) organized by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences with IQAC, Assam Down Town University, Guwahati, Assam.

  2. Short Term Course in “Research Methodology” (20th to 26th August, 2021) in online mode organized by UGC – HRDC, NEHU, Shillong.

  3. Workshop (online) on MOOCs (11th to 17th Feb., 2022) organized by UGC-HRDC, Mizoram University, Mizoram.

Online Seminars/Webinars/Workshops Attended:

  1. Eight Days International Author Workshop on “Academic Writing and Publishing” 21st to 29th Oct., organized by Manipur University Library.

  2. Mastering the Craft of Academic Writing: A Systematic Approach” on 31st August, 2021 organized by WILEY.

  3. The Publishing Process: The Complete Journey of an Article” on 21st Sept., 2021 organized by WILEY.

  4. One Day Workshop on “National Education Policy 2020 with Special Reference to Higher Education” on 20th March, 2021 organized by MUTA, MU.

  5. Webinar on “Role of Teachers in National Education Policy (NEP): Awareness, Orientation, Challenges and Responses” on 28th March, 2021 organized by Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, NITI Aayog and Manipur University.

  6. National Webinar on “Translation Studies: Theory and Practice” on 15th May, 2021 organized by the Department of English, Assam University, Diphu Campus.

  7. One Day International Webinar on “E-learning Trends Today and Beyond 2021” on 12th May, 2021 organized by MIMS, MU.

Co-Curricular Activities:

  1. Jury Member of Patriotic Poem Recitation on 24th September, 2019 in the 24th Inter-College Literary Meet, 2019 at Manipur University organized by MUSU.

  2. Member of Editorial Board of Manipur University Annual Magazine 2021.


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