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Prof Chungkham Yashawanta Singh

Designation: Retd. Professor

Specialization: Tibeto-Burman Linguistics

Contact: +91 9436025438

Email: chungkhamyash [AT] gmail.com

Ph.D. (JNU, New Delhi, 1985)

1.    Name            : Chungkham Yashawanta Singh
                                  Ph.D. (JNU, New Delhi, 1985)

2.    Designation:

                 Department of Linguistics
                 Manipur University, Canchipur
                 Imphal - 795 003 (INDIA)

3.    Field of Specialization    : Tibeto-Burman Linguistics

4.    Date of Birth:  1st November, 1955

5.    Date of Joining Duty : 31st December, 1984

6.    Permanent Address:  Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai Leirak Achouba, Imphal - 795 001.

7.     Contact No. : +91 9436025438

8.     Email. ID : chungkhamyash[AT]gmail.com

9.  India and Foreign Fellowship:

  1.      UGC Exchange Program. (For three months). 1985 visited Czechoslovakia.
  2.      Awarded Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship in October 1995 to July 1996 in U.K., SOAS, University of London.
  3.      Recipient of Fulbright Visiting Lecturer Fellowship awarded by Fulbright Academic Fellowship, USA. Visiting Programme at the Department of Linguistics, University of California at Berkeley for four months starting from October 2006 to January 2007.
  4.      As a Visiting Scholar for Manipuri Language in the Department of English and Linguistics, University of North Texas, USA, June and July, 2007.

10.    Seminars/Conferences attended:

  1.     Word Order in Meiteilon presented in the International Conference on South Asian Languages and Linguistics, CIIL, Mysore, 1981.
  2.     Affixes in Meiteilon presented in the 18th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, Bangkok, Thailand, 27-29 August, 1985.
  3.     Linguistics in Manipur in 2000 AD presented in a State Seminar, Manipur University, Imphal, October 5, 1985.
  4.     Causitivisation of Meiteilon presented in the 1st National Seminar on Tibeto-Burman Linguistics, Manipur University, March 1986.
  5.     Some common Syntactic Features shared by Hindi-Urdu and Tibeto-Burman presented in International Seminar on Common bases or Urdu and Hindi, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Jan. 3-5, 1989.
  6.     Tribal Dialects in Manipur - A Study presented in the Seminar on Contemporary Manipur Studies and Tribal Studies in Manipur, Manipur University,  May 11 and 12, 1989.
  7.     Linguistic Situation in Manipur-problem and prospect presented in the 2nd National Seminar on Tibeto-Burman Linguistics, Manipur University, 6-7 June, 1989.
  8.     The method of Manipuri teaching presented in Manipuri Teaching and Evaluation” G.P. Women’s College, Imphal, December 24, 1989.
  9.     Second Language Teaching Through Culture (The Role of Culture in Second Language Teaching) presented in the National Seminar on Linguistics and Language Teaching. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Jan. 16-18, 1990.
  10.     Tense or Aspect in Kuki-Chin presented in the Workshop on Treatment of Tense and Aspect, Gender, Number in the languages of North-East India, sponsored by CIIL, Mysore and organised by Department of Linguistics, Manipur University, Jan. 28-31, 1991.
  11.     Negation in Meiteilon presented in the 24th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Language and Linguistics, held in Bangkok and Chiangmai, Thailand, 7-11 October, 1991.
  12.     The Question of agreement in Tibeto-Burman Languages presented in International Seminar on Agreement, Delhi University, Jan. 9-11, 1998.
  13.     Impersonal Construction in Manipuri (Meiteilon) presented in Seminar -cum-workshop on Impersonal Construction and Control of voice, mood and person” sponsored by CIIL and Department of Khasi, NEHU, 18-22 October, 1998.
  14.     Aspects in Kuki-Chin presented in 5th International Himalayan Languages Symposium, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, 13-15 September, 1999.
  15.     Attended the National Seminar on Science, Philosophy and Culture in Manipuri Language and Literature, held at Manipur University, Imphal, Organised by Dept. of Philosophy. presented a paper entitled Science and Eyes,  July 14-16, 2003.
  16.     Bilingualism in Manipur, presented in two days National Seminar on Bilingualism in North East India at Assam University, Silchar. 28-29 January 2006.
  17.     Manipuri Language, presented in the National Seminar on North East Language and Literature organised by the Asiatic Society at Kolkata. 20-22 March 2006.
  18.     Polite Form in Manipuri, presented in the National Seminar on Emerging Linguistic Science in Northeast India, at NEHU, Shillong. 15-17 October 2007.
  19.     Request Construction in Tibeto-Buman Languages of Manipuri presented in the 3rd NEIL International Conference in Gauhati Univresity. January 20-22, 2008.
  20.     An overview of Manipuri Language presented in A colloquium on International Digital Preservation and Conservation and Scholarship in Manipur (University of Kentucky and Dept. of Linguistics (MU)). April 22-27, 2008.
  21.     Manipuri Language: A Linguistic Study presented in Centre for Studies in Civilizations Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture (funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India held at Nirmala Hotel, Imphal. July 10-12, 2009.
  22.     One word sentence in Manipuri presented in the 4th North East India Linguist Society (NEILS) held in NEHU. January 15-17, 2009.
  23.     Polite construction in the language of Manipur presented in the 31st AICL (All India Conference of Linguistics, University of Hyderabad (All India Conference of Linguistics). Dec. 15-17, 2009.
  24.     Manipuri Poetry: A Linguistic Analysis , presented in the International Conference on South Asian Languages (ICOSAL-9). Deptt of Linguistics and Punjabi Lexicography, Punjabi University, Patiala. January 7-9, 2010
  25.     Negative Construction in Koireng, presented in the National Seminar on Endangered and Indigenous Languages of India, Dept. of Linguistics, Assam University. (15-17th February, 2010).
  26.     Functional Suffices in Koireng and Rongmei, presented in the National Seminar on Tribal Languages and Linguistics of North East India  Nagaland University. 11-13 March, 2010.
  27.     NE Wordnet Project in the 2nd National Workshop on Indo-Wordnet, 12-14 April, Shillong, 2010.
  28.     Manipuri Kinship Terms, ( A join paper) presented in the  ICON-10, at IIT, Kharakpur. December 8-11, 2010.
  29.     Relative Clause in Manipuri, (A join paper) presented in the 44th International Conference on Sino Tibetan Language and linguistics. CIIL. Mysore.  7-9 Oct. 2011.
  30.     Workshop on Manipuri Tagset-CIIL, Mysore, LDC, 10-11 Oct 2011.
  31.     National Workshop Multi-Word Expression in Indian language  kashmir University. Srinager, 14-15 Oct, 2011.
  32.     Coordination in Manipuri, (A join paper) presented in NEILS, Gauhati. 2-4th Feb. 2012.
  33.     Languages of Manipur in the fast changing globalised world, presented in the National Inter-Disciplinary Seminar Globalization and Manipur held at D.M. College. 17-18 Dec 2011.
  34.     Conjunctive Coordination ?dug? ‘and’ in Manipuri, (A joint paper) presented in the 45th ICSTLL, Singapore. 25-28 Oct, 2012.
  35.     Negative Marking in Manipuri, Paite and Zou, (A join paper) presented in 34th AICL, at Shillong. Nov, 1-3, 2012.
  36.     ‘A Linguistics Study of dead Language –Chakpa’  presented in the 24th Annual Meeting of the South East Asian Linguistics Society,  at National Centre for English Language (Marlar Hall), Yangon, University, Yangon, Myanmar. 27-31, May, 2014.
  37.     Giving Lecture on Manipuri Language in the Meeting of the 1st International  Mother Tongue Lover of the World in Dhaka, held on the 22nd Nov, 2014.
  38.     Dictionaries in the Lesser Known Languages of the North-East India, presented in the ICOLSI-37, at JNU, New Delhi. 15 to 17, October 2015.
  39.     A Linguistics Analysis of Kabui kinship Terms, (A join paper) presented in the 21st Himalayan Languages Symposium. 26th to 28 November, 2015.  
  40.     Presented Voiced Assimilation and Desperation Rules in, Kakching Dialect a joint paper in 44th International Conference on Dravidian Linguistics and Conference of Dravidian Linguist held in 16-18 June, 2016 at Hyderabad University.
  41.     Presented Changes in Negative Marker in Kakching Dialect (Join Paper). In the 38th International Conference of Linguistics Society of India, IIT Guwahati, 10th – 12th November, 2016.
  42.     Presented Manipuri Dialect in the Joint Indo-Norwegian Workshop on Syntactic Variation held at the Centre for Advance Studies, Department of Linguistics, Delhi University on 10th -15th October 2016.  
  43.     Presented Multilingualism: The Case of Manipur. In the Asiatic Society of Bengal at Asiatics Society o Bengal, Park Street, Kolkata held in 12th -13th , Jan, 2017.
  44.     (Joint Paper) Kinship Terms in Manipuri, Tangkhul and Kabui in the 27th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society at Kyriad Hotel Buminang, Padang Indonesia 11 to 13 May, 2017.   
  45.     Presented Tag question in Manipuri and German (Joint Paper) in the Himalayan Language symposium 5th July 2017.
  46.     Presented Languages Relation between NE and Myanmar in NE India & Myanmar: Revisiting Culture and Civilization Connection. Organised by Department of History, M.U. In Collaboration with Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, 21st March, 2018.
  47.     Presented Tibeto-Burman Languages of North East in the 21st Century in the Language Situation in India in the 21st Century, organised by the International School of Dravidian Linguistics in Collaboration with Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore, at V.I. Subramoniam Memorial ISDL Complex Menamkulam, Thivananthapuram- 695586,  held on 13th to 15th Feb, 2018.   

11. Paper Published:

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13. Ph.D. with their title of the theses:

A. Awarded:

  1.     Dr. M. Shamungou Singh    “A Descriptive Grammar of Aimol” 1997
  2.     Dr. Kh. Loken Singh        “Word-formation in Kuki-Chin” 1998.
  3.     Dr. H. Brojen Singh        “A Descriptive Grammar of Chothe” 2001
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  8.     Dr. N. Brojen Singh        “Simte Grammar” November 2009
  9.     Dr. Laishram Joyraj Singh     “A contrastive study of word formation of Manipuri and English” January 2010
  10.     Dr. B. Premabati Devi         “The syntax of Manipuri Verb” June 2010
  11.     Dr.  Thangjam Naor Singh    “ Rongmei Grammar. Oct. 2013”
  12.     Dr. Sagolsem Indrakumar Singh “ Manipuri Clause Structure. Feb. 2014    
  13.     Dr. Kh. Jayshree Devi.         “Tangkhul Grammar (A Deceptive Model)” Dec, 2014
  14.     Dr. Yumnam Bablu Singh (Co-Guide) “Web Enabled Multilingual Manipuri Dictionary” Oct, 2015.
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  18.     Dr. Salam Armita Devi        “Contrastive Analysis of Manipur-Hindi Verb(with Reference to NLP)” 2019

B. Ph.D. Undergoing:

  1.    P. Birchandra Singh    “Word formation in Manipuri and Tangkhul: A Comparative Analysis” 2011.
  2.    Naorem Brindebala Devi    “Kakching Dialect: A Linguistics Analysis” 2012
  3.    H. Dune Antonia Pao     “A Descriptive Grammar of Poula” 2012
  4.    Naorem Shomorjit Singh     “A Study on Moyon Sentence” 2013
  5.    Rajkumari Rajbala    “Borrowing in Manipuri” 2013
  6.    Niranjana Thokchom     “ A Contrastive Study of Functional Sentences in Garman in Manipuri” 2015
  7.    Yatmi Luikham     “Speech Community and Sociolinguistics Change of Hunphung Tangkhul” 2015

14. Project completed:

  1.     Major U.G.C. Project on Endangered Dialects of Manipur for 3 years (January 2000 to January 2003). Submitted Annual Reports of [i] Tarao Grammar (January 2001) [ii] Moyon Grammar (January 2002), and [iii] Monsang Grammar (January 2003).
  2.     Major U.G.C. Project Endangered Dialects of Manipur Phase-II for 3 years (April 2003 to April 2006). [i] Koireng Grammer (2004) [ii] Sukte Grammer (2005) and [iii] Paomei Grammer (2006).
  3.     ICSSR Project A Study of Tribal Dialects of Manipur for 2 years (April 2003 to April 2005): [i] Rongmei Grammar and [ii] Inpui Grammar  (iii) Paomei Grammar.
  4.     DIT sponsored project on Development of North-East Wordnet (Manipuri), April 2009-2011.
  5.     A Study of Dead Language – Chakpa, UGC Major Project, (2012-2014).
  6.     Shallow Parser Tools for Indian Languages, (SPT-IL) University of Hyberabad, (P.I. for Manipuri) Sponsored by DIT (2012-2014) Approved of Amount. Rs. 36.00/-  Lakhs.
  7.     Indian Languages Corpora Initiative (ILCI) Jawaharlal Nehru University, (P.I. for Manipuri) Sponsored by DIT, (2013-2015). Approved of Amount. Rs. 60.95/- Lakhs.
  8.     Mother Tongue Survey, Registrar General of India, Kolkata. 2008 -2017.
  9.     Manipuri Dialect Survey – CIIL, Mysore, July. 2015- 2017.

15. Undergoing Project:

  1.     Scheme for protection and Preservation of Endangered Languages, (Purum, P.I. of these two Languages) 2013-Till date