Dr Ksh Anand Singh

Designation: Assistant Professor (S-3)

Specialization: Mathematical Demography / Survival Analysis/ Multivariate Statistics

Contact: +91-9774352846

Email: kshanand_1 [AT] yahoo.com



  1. Life member of IASP (Indian Association for the Study of Population)

  2. Annual member APA (Asian Population association)


Recent publications:

1. Modelling Abundance of Earthworm species through various soil characteristics in three subtropical forest ecosystems of Manipur : International Journal of Statistical Sciences, Vol. 17, July 2019, Pp 61-81

2. Recent Trends in Total fertility among different religious groups of North East India based on Children Ever Born adjusted by Brass P/F ratio using data from Census 2011: Demography India, Special Issue, 2017, Pp 27-35