Prof Okram Ratnabala Devi

Designation: Professor

Specialization: Algebra

Contact: 08730882807

Email: ratnabala [AT]


Details of Achievements, Membership of different academic & professional bodies and publications etc: Life member of Indian Society for history of mathematics (L-153), Calcutta mathematical Society (LD/62), Cryptology Society of India(L-356), Indian Science Congress Association (L-34860)

Publications are (a) On fuzzy Ideals of N-groups, Bull. Pure Appl. Sc. Vol 26(E) No. 1, 2007, p. 11-23. ISSN 0970-6577 (jointly with M Ranjit)

(b) On N-Groups with Finite Spanning Dimension, Bull. Cal. Math. Soc, Vol. 100(2), 2008, p 121-130. ISSN 0008-0659 (jointly with M Ranjit)

(c) Intuitionistic fuzzy near-rings and its properties, Journal of the Indian Math. Soc., Vol. 74 (3-4) (2007), p203-219 ISSN 0019-5839

(d) On the Intuitionistic Q-fuzzy ideals of Near-rings, Notes on Intuitionistic fuzzy sets Vol No. 15 No 3 , p 25-32. ISSN – 1310-4926

(e) A study on fuzzy ideals of N-groups, Algebra, Vol. 2013, article ID 594636, Hindawi publication) (jointly with B. Davvaz) (

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