Momtaz Thingujam

Designation: Asst Professor (S-2)

Specialization: System Analysis and Design, Management Information System, Business Data Processing, Computer Networks


Email: chur55 [AT]



  1. Workshop on image processing,Pattern recognition & Application 13-17 Dec. 2004 at Computer Sc. Deptt.,M .U. Jointly orgd. By ISI Kolkata and Computer Sc. Deptt. Manipur University.
  2. Workshop on Information Security (WIS-06) at DOEACC Centre , Imphal.
  3. Seminar on Information Technology at M.U.,28  May 2004  orgd. By Computer Sc. Deptt. Manipur  University
  4. Winter School  on Data Mining & Computational Biology,28 Jan.-1 Feb. 2008 orgd. By Computer Sc. Deptt. and ISI Kolkata.
  5. Workshop on POS tagging & chunking orgd.  by IIIT Hyderabad.
  6. Workshop on language  & signal Processing 2-6 feb.2009  orgd. by Tripura University &ISI Kolkata.
  7. Workshop on Natural Language Processing , 1-5 Dec., 2009. Deptt. of Linguistic M.U. & CIIL Mysore.
  8. Workshop on “Orientation cum training programme on NLP” 3-13 feb2012,jointly organized by CSD MU and CIIL Mysore
  9. North-East ISI-MU Spring School on “Algorithm:Theory,Application and Implementation” 20-22 feb,2013
  10. Workshop on “Awareness programme on use of Computers in translation” organized by NTM,CIIL Mysore ,31July to 2 Aug.2014.


  1. Ms. Momtaz Thingujam, Y. Jayanta, Ak. Ashakumar: “Study on Content Based Multimedia information retrieval” in the proceedings of  National Seminar  on Information Technology : Emerging Paradigm in Development , 7 Feb.  2012 , Fakir Mohan University ,Odisha.
  2. Ak. Ashakumar,Ms.Momtaz Thingujam, “Fuzzy ID3 Decision Tree Approach for Network Reliability Estimation “ in the International Journal IJCSI  Vol.- 9    Issue 1  no. 1 Jan. 2012 (Page no.-446-450)
  3. Ms.Momtaz Thingujam,Ak.Ashakumar,”Collocation Extraction Performance ratings using fuzzy logic” in the International Journal IJAE vol-3 Issue 4,2012(pg no.80-89)