03 Day workshop on "Data Analytics using R Programming" in Manipur University from 09-11 April,2018. The registration fee & Course detail details provided below:

Tentative Syllabus

Day 1 
Introduction to Machine Learning / Data Analytics Introduction to Data science / Machine learning / data analysis Some practical examples - discussion 
Statistics – a quick overview All about Data and data types Statistical measures Different types of statistics – descriptive and inferential,Introduction to R Data types Vectors Matrix List Functions and loops Dataframe Statistical analysis 

Day 2 
Regression Simple linear regression Multiple linear regression Logistic regression 
Trees Decision tree Random Forests 
Day 3 
Clustering Knn – K-nearest neighbour SVM – support vector machines 
Assignment / Mini project Carry out some standardized procedures to approach data analytics using input data  

Registration Fee

* Rs. 1000 for Faculty Members.

* Rs. 1500 for the Students & Industry Personnel

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