National Webinar on :
Vision of National Education Policy 2020.

Date: 12th September, 2020.
Organised by Department of Education, Manipur University,  in collaboration with Alumni , Department of Education, Manipur University  (ADEMU). and  Student  for Holistic development of Humanity ( SHoDH)

Patron -  Jarnail Singh, IAS (Retd.) Vice-Chancellor, Manipur University, Canchipur.
Convener – Dr. Premlata  Maisnam HOD, Department of Education, M.U.

Host  -  Dr. Premlata Maisnam,  (HOD) Department of Education, M.U.
11.00  -  11.20 A.M. -  Inaugural and Welcome Speech by Jarnail Singh IAS (Retd.) Vice-Chancellor, M.U.
11.20– 11.50 A.M. -  Prof. Mazhar Asif , JNU,  Delhi (Draft Committee Member, NEP- 2020).
             Topic :  Equitable & Inclusive Education – Learning for all.
             Open Discussion (10 minute)
12.00  - 12.30 P.M. Prof. N. Lokendra Singh, HOD, Department of History, M.U.
            Topic : Prospect of Higher Education on NEP 2020.  
             Open Discussion (10 minute)

Host  -  Dr. Keisham Shitaljit Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Education, M.U.
12.40 – 1.10 p.m.  Dr. L. Leiren Singh (Retd. Associate Professor) Dept.of Education, M.U.
            Topic : Teacher Education  in Emerging NEP 2020.
            Open Discussion (10 minutes)
1.20 – 1.50 p.m.  Prof. Milland  Marathe, Advisor  SHoDH.
            Topic: Promotion of Indian languages, arts and culture.
            Open   Discussion (10 minute).
2.00 P.M. - Vote of Thanks : Sharatchandra Haobijam, Scholar in-charge  SHoDH     (Manipur).

Co-Host:  Dr. Ch.Beda, Assistant Professor, Dept.  of  Education, M.U.

Organizing  Committee
    1. Dr.Caroline Ngailiankim, Assistant Professor, Dept.  of  Education, M.U.
    2. Dr. N. Munindro Singh, Dept. of Education, M.U.
    3. Dr.N. Sanjoy Singh, Dept. of Education, M.U.
    4. Dr. Kh. Ibohanbi Singh,  President, ADEMU.
    5. Sharatchandra Haobijam, Scholar in-Charge, SHoDH, (Manipur).


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