Building Economic Corridors on the Trilateral Highway’

Co-organized by

Manipur University, Imphal, India


Monywa University of Economics, Monywa, Myanmar

December 18-19, 2019




Manipur University and Monywa University of Economics has been working on putting in place an ‘Academic Exchange and Joint Research Program’ related to ‘Development Cooperation and Border Trade’ between India and Myanmar, with special focus on Northeast India and the Northern Regions of Myanmar. An MOU between the two Universities is in the final stage of formalisation.

The two Universities had for the first time organized a Joint Seminar and Workshop at Tamu, Myanmar, in March 2018 to identify the immediate ground level impediments to Border Trade and development cooperation between Northeast India and Northern Myanmar. The Seminar strongly felt that there was a wide information gap among all stakeholders about the trade and development cooperation regimes and policies of India and Myanmar on both sides of the land borders. It was also felt that marginalisation of formal trade and continued primacy of informal trade was not in the long term interests of India and Myanmar.

The second Seminar and Workshop to be organised at Manipur University is intended to:

  1. Find ways out to formalise trade at the Land Customs Stations on the Indo-Myanmar border and further Indo-Myanmar border trade.

  2. Deliberate on the prospects of land based value chains between Northeast India and Myanmar and further Indo-Myanmar land based development cooperation.


The Seminar shall therefore focus upon:


  1. Trade and Investment Policy of India and Myanmar and Border Trade.

  2. ASEAN-India FTA and Impact on India

  3. India’s Act East Policy and Northeast India

  4. Economies of NE India and Sagaing and value chain prospects

  5. Border Trade at Moreh-Tamu LCS

  6. Connectivity

The seminar shall have delegates from India and Myanmar, including academics, trade body representatives, investors, industrialist and officials who are key stakeholders in Indo-Myanmar Border Trade and development cooperation. The purpose of the seminar is to bring together vital stakeholders of trade and investment, academia and Governments on a common platform so as to evolve policy frameworks and directions that will help guide Indo-Myanmar trade and development cooperation.