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Department of Chemistry

Courses Offered:

  • Ph D
  • M Sc

Course Structure: M Sc Chemistry  :


CBCS Chemistry Paper Code CH-031 Relevance of Chemistry in everyday life.

Semester I


Semester II


Course Name



Course Name

CH 401

Computer Applications and 


CH 402

Computer Application and Mathematics 

Mathematics in Chemistry I


in Chemistry II

CH 423

Inorganic Chemistry I


CH 423

Inorganic Chemistry II

CH 433

Organic Chemistry I


CH 434

Organic Chemistry II

CH 443

Physical Chemistry I


CH 444

Physical Chemistry II

CH 405

Inorganic Chemistry Lab


CH 406

Organic Chemistry Lab.






Semester III


Semester IV


Course Name



Course Name

CH 501

Chemical Binding I


CH 503

Chemical Binding II

CH 502

Molecular Spectroscopy and 


CH 504

Molecular Spectroscopy 

Instrumental Analysis I


and Instrumental Analysis II

And Two Electives from any one of the following specializations:


And Three Elective papers in the chosen Specialization:

CH 523

Inorganic Chemistry Special I


CH 525

Inorganic Chemistry Special III

CH 524

Inorganic Chemistry Special II


CH 526

Inorganic Chemistry Special IV

CH 533

Organic Chemistry Special I


CH 527

Project Work/Special Lab (Inorganic)

CH 534

Organic Chemistry Special II


CH 535

Organic Chemistry Special III

CH 543

Physical Chemistry Special I


CH 536

Organic Chemistry Special IV

CH 544

Physical Chemistry Special II


CH 537

Project Work/Special Lab (Organic)

CH 507

Physical Chemistry Lab.


CH 545

Physical Chemistry Special III




CH 546

Physical Chemistry Special IV




CH 547

Project Work/Special Lab(Physical)