Mathematics Department

* Date 17/01/2020: Indian National Mathematics Olympians (INMO) 2020 Examination

* Date 21/12/2019: Five-Day Training Camp of Indian National Mathematical Olympiad 2020, January 2-6, 2020, organized by Department of Mathematics and sponsored by Manipur University.

* Date 18/10/2019: RMO 2019 Examination on Sunday, October 20, 2019

* Date 1-6/10/2019:

* Date 29/08/2019: List of Selected Candidates for TEW: Real Analysis, Linear Algebra and Number Theory (2019) Oct. 1-6, MU

* Date 07/08/2019

* Date 02/08/2019: BANNER: FIVE-DAY Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympaid Camp 2019, Organised by Department of Mathematics

* Date 30/07/2019: Five day Pre-RMO Camp (5-9 August 2019) registration on or before Aug 3,2019

Date 16/07/2019

Date: 10/07/2019: Teacher's Enrichment Workshop(TEW), Real Analysis, Linear Algebra and Number Theory (2019) from 1st to 6th Oct 2019

Date: 30/03/2019
A statement issued by  M.Ranjit Singh (Head/Maths): First Lecture of Research Scholars have been performed at the Conference Hall of the said Department. The speaker of the Lecture was GA Hirankumar Sharma (Reg.3437/2015) Dept. of Science & Humanities, MIT, with the topic: Common Fixed Point Theorems for (Psi function, Phi function)-weak Contractive Conditions in Metric Spaces, Haceteppe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, Vol. 47(6), 2018.