Department of National Security Studies

Course Offered

  • MA National Security Studies


LOCF MA National Security Studies (NSS) [PDF]


Course Structure: MA National Security Studies


Semester I

Code Course Name

MNS101 Fundamentals of National Security

MNS102 Security Management

MNS103 India’s Quest for security and Nation Building

MNS104 Strategic Potential of India


Semester II

Code Course Name

MNS201 International Strategic Environment

MNS202 Military geography and Geo-Politics

MNS203 Peace and Conflict Resolution

MNS204 Indo-Pacific and Indian Ocean


Semester III

Code Course Name

MNS301 Management of Defence Economics

MNS302 Laws of Warfare

MNS303 Nuclear strategy and Arms Control

MNS304 Basics of Research Methodology

Circular: CBCS NSS MNSS-306 Introduction to Strategic Studies

Semester IV

Code Course Name

MNS401 Evolution of Strategic Thought

MNS402 Military History of North East India

MNS403 Strategic Neighbourhood

MNS404 Dissertation; R.M. Based