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Prof R A S Kushwaha

Dean, School of Human & Environmental Science 
Email : dean.hesc [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in 
Phone No. : 0385 - 2435174

Prof S Mangi Singh

Dean, School of Social Sciences 
email : dean.ssc [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in
Phone No. (0385) 2435844(O)

Prof K Yugindro Singh

Dean, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
email : dean.mpsc [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in

Prof G. A. Shantibala Devi

Dean, School of Life Sciences 
email : dean.lifesc [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in
Phone No. (0385) 2435806(O)

Prof N Aruna Devi

Dean, School of Humanities
Email : dean.humanities [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in

Prof R K Hemakumar Singh

Dean, School of Engineering
Email : dean.engineering [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in


Porf. Kh (Dr) Sulochana Devi

Dean, School of Medical Science
Email : dean.medical [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in

Department of Microbiology, RIMS

Prof. Takhellambam Inaobi Singh

Dean, School of Education
email : dean.education [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in
Phone No.

Prof Th. Ratankumar Singh

Dean, Student Welfare 
email : dean.students [AT] manipuruniv [dot]ac [dot]in
Phone No.0385-2435141