Statistics Department

1. PI: Salam Shantikumar Singh , Project Title: " Determinants of Marital Instability: A Statistical Study", Funding Agency: SERB-DST, Sanction on 2017, Duration (No. of Months): 3, STATUS: On-going
2. PI: Prof. N. Rajmuhon Singh , CO-PI: Dr. Salam Shantikumar Singh, Project Title: " Multi-scale Vulnerability assessment to Climate Variability for adaptation planning", Funding Agency: DST, Sanction on 2018, Duration (No. of Months): 3, STATUS: On-going

On-going Projects

Title: Study of neighbor balanced row-column designs under fixed and random row-column effects.

Name of P.I.: Dr S. Sobita Devi

Funding Agency: DST

Duration: 3 years. Amount : 20.6 Lakhs