Manipur Univ

Centre for Entreprenurship and Skill Development

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Skill Development under the School of Social Sciences was established in the year 2014 with an objective to act as a catalyst to the promotion and advancement of entrepreneurship and skill development activities in the state of Manipur in particular and the nation in general. Today, entrepreneurship and skill development activities is regarded as one of the important determinants for the industrial growth of a country and it has emerged as dynamic and vibrant area of any growing economy. It contributes a lot in the employment generation and helps in the socio economic development of the country or the state. In the present day global competition establishment of a business unit and sustaining it is becoming a big challenge.

The dearth of the entrepreneurial and managerial skills is one of the most major problems being confronted by all the developing economies especially the region like Manipur. Today, Manipur and North eastern states have become a major place of attraction for entrepreneurship due to the Look East Policy/Act East Policy of the Government of India. Both the trans-Asian highways and trans-Asian railway will be passing through Manipur (Moreh-Tamu sector) and Manipur is now becoming the gateway to South East Asian countries as it is bordering with Myanmar. In order to meet the global challenges and the new opportunities thrown to the industrial development in the region and also to generate more employment for the youths and utilities of the human resource potential, entrepreneurship and skill development activities have to be given a priority.

With increasing unemployment among the educated, the need is being felt for giving due attention to employable skills in higher education too. Further, there is a need to motivate and guide the educated youths to enable them to move a step forward and take up a career of self employment and set up enterprises as an entrepreneur and become job creators in the tight job market.