Manipur Univ
Anthropology Department

Course Structure:

Semester I


Semester II


Paper Title



Paper Title

AN 411

Human Origin


AN 421

Human Genetics

AN 412

Social Anthropology


AN 422

Cultural Anthropology

AN 413

Prehistoric Archaeology


AN 423

Prehistoric Culture

AN 414

Research Methodology


AN 424

Application of Anthropology




AN 415(P)

Advance Anthropometry


AN 425(P)

Prehistoric Tools & Material Culture

AN 416 (P)

Anthropometric Physiology


AN 426 (P)

Ethnographic Field Report









Semester III


Semester IV


Paper Title



Paper Title

AN 531

Ecological Anthropology


AN 541

Ethnographic Atlas of India & S E Asia

AN 532



AN 542 A

Field Work


Elective Courses



Elective Course

Group A: Physical Anthropology


Group A: Physical Anthropology

AN 533 A

Human Biology


AN 543 A

Human Variation

AN 534 A

Genetic traits


AN 544 A


AN 535 A

Forensic Anthropology


AN 545 A

Evolutionary Genetics

Group B: Social & Cultural Anthropology


Group B: Social Cultural Anthropology

AN-533 B

Anthropological Thoughts and Theories




AN-534 B

Political Anthropology


AN 543 B

Development Anthropology

AN-535 B

Economic Anthropology


AN 544 B

Social Problem

Course C Prehistoric Archaeology


AN 545 B

Postmodern Anthropology

AN-533 C

Theoretical and Field Archaeology


Group C: Prehistoric Archaeology

AN-534 C

Interpretation of Archaeological Culture


AN 543 C

Archaeological Reconstruction

AN-535 C

Archaeological Explanation


AN 544 C


Optional Course


AN 545 C

Prehistoric of NE India & Southeast Asia

AN 536

People of South East Asia


Optional Course

AN 537

Linguistic Anthropology


AN 546

Anthropology of Tribes Asian Studies

AN 538

Dental Anthropology


AN 547

South East Asian Studies




AN 548




AN 549

Anthropology of Health and Nutrition